Lamp of the Party.
by victoria comment



i received an email from Susan Schneider of the etsy shop Shandell’s this weekend about her amazing new line of lamps. in my mind, i imagined perhaps these great lamps were inspired by the old adage of a rowdy guest wearing a lampshade at party.


these lamp bases are created from collectible vintage tin horns that were made in the USA around the turn of the 19th century. toot, toot, i love them! susan also creates a wonderful line of vintage-inspired lamp shades, so for more, visit the shandell’s etsy shop.


6 responses to “Lamp of the Party.”

  1. I adore the purple psychedelic one…

    (PS: Great pretty blog. And I’m from ‘Frisco too! I could go crazy with a camera here, if only I had one that works.)

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