unexpected guests: jasna janekovic.
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today on unexpected guests we’re headed all the way to Germany, specifically, we’re dropping in on cologne-based graphic designer jasna janekovic. jasna has a sweet little home that she decorates with lots of love, and plenty of charm. she’s also incredibly creative, and multi-talented, with a wonderful line of accessories she sells in her dawanda shop. for more from jasna, follow her on flickr. for now, let’s take a hop over to visit to jasna’s home and studio in germany.


What city/neighborhood do you live in?
I live in Cologne in a part of the city where a lot of young families are living. I love the big park at the end of my street and the organic supermarket close to my home.



What is your idea of a perfect day in your city?
A perfect day is a sunny summer day with a light breeze (very rare in Cologne). The trees in my garden are whispering and rustling. And I listen to the birds of heaven. I am sewing a dress or a patchwork pillow after my morning meditation.


Then I ride my bike to the farmers market to buy some flowers, vegetable and raspberries. Back at home I cook a macrobiotic meal and read a sewing book in my garden or in the park. I order some new fabrics at some internet shops and paint new ideas in my sketchbook. I smell a summer lilac flower, while I m thinking about new projects. In the afternoon some women are coming over and I m giving a sewing lesson. We are sewing a big bag and having fun.



What don’t you leave home without?
I don’t leave home without my big patchwork bag (not made by me) and in wintertime without my hippie coat with brown fake fur. This coat is like a mother bear in the deep forest sleeping in a den.


What are a few of your favorite local shops?
My favorite local shop is a thrift store. Love the atmosphere there (it’s very tidy) and the smell of old things. Most of the things in my home are from there. I always find some beautiful kitchen stuff there. Lillyed für dich is one of a few shops in Cologne that sells products from House Doctor and other danish labels.




What’s on your wish list?
At first fabrics, fabrics and fabrics (Liberty fabrics!). I am always thinking about fabrics, pattern and colours. And I spend the most of my time looking for new fabrics in Internet shops. I am a Graphic Designer and my future plans are to design patterns for a fabric collections. I’m looking for a vintage school map at flea markets (for my future balcony) and for one of those wonderful botanical flower maps, Moroccan lamps, Afghanistan jewelry (I love ethnic jewelry), vintage suitcases, a funny, colourful cabinet from india, and enamel dishes.



What’s your favorite bargain find or product?
i have found a black tapiovaara chair at a building lot it was full of bird shit. i took it home and washed it in my garden. love this chair.


What is your biggest interior design nightmare?
I don’t like big flat screen TVs (I don’t have a TV) and big piles of CDs and DVDs. To much dark colours and cold decorations and built in kitchen with wall unit.



Who is your favorite artist? And why?
At the moment I like Rie Elli Larsen because it’s wonderful how she plays with patterns, colours and texture. and Anna Maria Horner — I love her Little Folks and Good Folks fabric collection. the Music artist I like Iron and Wine at the moment — so relaxed and down to earth.



Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration everywhere: magazines, blogs, flickr, shops, nature, people, my dreams, flea markets, thrift stores, vintage children books.



Do you collect anything?
vintage buttons, fabrics and ribbon. but I don’t just collect them, I really use them.


What’s your favorite feature in your home?
My apartment is only 32 qm small but it looks much bigger. In spring I will have a balcony. I m sure it will be my favourite place in summertime. Cant wait to look for some furniture for my balcony. I will decorate it like a room with pictures at the wall and piles of pillows and a lot of candles. I love the Goethe poems at my walls.


Who would you like to sit down to drinks with?
I would like to sit with Buddha, Ramana Maharshi, Amma, Mooji or other enlightened people.


What is your most treasured belonging?
Nothing in my home was expensive, everything is from thrift stores, flea markets or Ikea (the furniture, but I have painted it ivory white, so it looks NOT Ikea like). I like every thing but especially things that are really old, like a wooden box with woodworm holes (for my ribbons at my workspace). I love baskets in every sizes and forms, and a Jesus picture from 1925 I found at the flea market some time ago. My mom is crocheting a granny squares blanket for me. I m sure it will be my treasured belonging in future when it will be finished.



What’s souvenir did you bring back from your last trip?
My last trip was in Croatia, my hometown, and I brought back some fabric, ribbon  and a cute vintage children’s book.




What is your greatest indulgence?
organic (vegan) and macrobiotic cooked food.



What is your idea of living hell?
working the whole day at a job you hate, living in a dark apartment on a loud street, having no energy and time for being creative.



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  1. her home is so amazing! i have a few pics of her house in my “home inspiration” folder, but i didn’t know they were hers! i like seeing the whole home. it’s wonderful! thank you =]

  2. I love this post. The colours in the house are light and happy…makes you feel good just looking at them.

  3. wow…victoria! isn’t jasna one of the greatest persons? i have a few of her creations and she never fails to send something cute along with them as an extra. i.e. a little selfmade heart or a cute little beaded strawberry ;-)

  4. what thrifting loveliness…I think she makes an excellent ambassador for organic living, rosy cheeks and colourful outlook. Sweet post.

  5. Wow, what a lovely home, its so bright and refreshing! It makes me excited that springs on its way. Did she make those really cute pictures on her walls with the music sheet backgrounds? This has made me want to get the sewing machine out!

  6. Wow! Is it real? Does she really lives with so much colour? so, so beautiful! I want to move to your house right away! so much fun!
    Jasna you should become an interior designer!!

  7. I was absolutely fascinated and blown away by this post, what an incredibly talented girl – I adore her apartment, the colours, light and texture – heaven :)

  8. What a cute house! Makes me want to spend the weekend lounging and knitting there. I love the fridge–I’ve been wanting to do something inspired to mine. Is that wallpaper? Everything is so beautifully done just right

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