le petite flea launches.
by victoria comment



well, since i’m moving, and kind of going for a whole new look, it’s come time to pass along some of my vintage treasures. you must understand, it is not easy for me to part with some of these belongings. many have fond memories behind them, but i feel good about passing them along to good homes, like yours. so without further ado, i bring you sfgirlbybay’s new vintage etsy shop, le petite flea.


i’ll be adding more of my vintage finds to le petite flea, from trips to london and italy, and just across the bridge at the alameda flea market, as i go through my stash of collectibles and loosen my grip on the past. time to move on. time to purge and find new, old stuff! but you know what they say, one gal’s trash is another’s treasure. i hope you find something you like at le petite flea.




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  1. i just found your blog and i adore it! so presh. i’m from petaluma and lived in lake tahoe so cali has my heart! i miss it almost every single day. i love sf. please tell me you are head over heels for bi-rite… if i lived there i would be tempted to have it twenty times/week. anyways, happy friday!

  2. the little accordion went quickly!

    thanks for everyone’s great support of the shop! i’ll be listing lots of new things each day!

    carissa – yes! bi-rite ice cream is the bomb!! :)

  3. Lovely shop! I have that exact same Brownie Holiday that I luckily found at the Salvation Army. So far it’s sitting on the shelf without film. How are the pictures?

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