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i’m pretty darn excited about having a garden in the new house, and not just because i plan to grow some edibles — i do, but i plan to dine out there and eat them, too! i love the idea of an old picnic bench or farm table, with some mismatched cafe chairs tucked up around it. dining al fresco just makes everything taste so much fresher and better, doesn’t it? i thought i’d share some ideas of what i envision for my new garden party.


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i’d like some cafe chairs, made comfy with some vintage bleached white cotton throw pillows. i’d also love some paper lanterns, or those little globe bulbs strung through the trees to add to create a peaceful, yet festive atmosphere. nothing too manicured, perhaps just some lavender and rosemary and other herbs and edibles growing wild.


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  1. awesome photos :D i would love to have a garden in back of my house but i live in an apt. and there’s 4 other people in my building. they’d prolly destroy it. or the men who fix the place up would tear it out. yea. sucks.

  2. fantastic spring garden inspirations. adore the pops of color on a green green lawn with those chairs. i completely encourage a garden for your backyard eats . . . small or big space. . . it’s fun + satisfying.

  3. ooh yes, garden dining is delightful! we like to have garden parties too, and it always feels magical. I love the images you found, looks like you’ll have fun at your new place!

  4. For five years now I have had this wonderful romantic garden with old apple trees that brings shaddow on a hot summer day, so I know what you are talking about. CanĀ“t wait until summer is here and I can spend most of my free time in the lovely garden.

  5. I’ve got my garden planted and am waiting for warmer weather to have that first al fresco meal. Here in the Bay Area, it’s just around the corner!

  6. I would love to have a garden! Both of my grandmothers had huge gardens while I was growing up. There is something so rewarding about growing something and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Nice Post!

  7. These are lovely! We are planning on landscaping out backyard this summer and I have been obsessively bookmarking images of outdoor spaces. Your choices are fabulous!

  8. great looking outdoor settings! I just put our cushions back out, we planted our sunflower seeds and we’re ready for summer. Love that you’ll have a backyard — love the Noe area for that.

  9. I miss having a garden :/ I’ve just bought a few different herbs/veg that are suitable for growing inside so i’m hoping to cultivate those!
    I can’t wait for summer!!! I’ve got so many photography projects I want to start.

  10. Good luck with your kitchen garden this summer!! How exciting. Flora Grubb has a really awesome collection of edibles and you should check out Annie’s Annuals in Richmond. My personal favorite edible varieties are ‘Black Cherry’ tomato (not your average cherry tomato), ‘Forellenschluss’ lettuce (a gorgeous romaine), ‘Ruby Streaks mustard (dark purple leaves w/chartreuse veins. hello!), ‘Easter Egg II’ (a mix of pink, purple, red & white round radishes). I also grow always chervil, the world’s most under appreciated herb! Have fun digging. It is the best!

  11. Summer garden parties are the best! Our favorite is to throw a pizza stone on the grill, prep the crust, then have the kids browse the garden for toppings. The parents have a cocktail, the kids chase fireflies, and all is well…

  12. thanks again all! i’m so excited to have a little garden space, and to be able to eat outside on warm evenings!

    marsha – there’s a subscribe space in the left hand column – thank you!

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