guest post: el beso takes us flea marketing.
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today, the lovely karina from the blog, el beso is sharing a little flea market excursion with us, all the way from Argentina.


San Telmo is the oldest Buenos Aires neighbourhood, with charming cobblestones streets and old colonial buildings, the antique shops and tango houses make it a must to see place if you visit Buenos Aires. I love going there for coffee any week day, but every Sunday the gorgeous flea market is most attractive thing.


This Flea market is very high quality, created by architect Jose Maria Peña, who directed the city museum for years and years. he is retired now, and La Feria de San Pedro Telmo depends on the museum support, which organizes several market fairs all through the year. that is also one reason it is so interesting, the museum insures that the flea market stands have to carry things only from before 1970.


I love buying the old linens (I have a glorious bed sheet from there), and old French bags and hats. I try to buy things I can use or wear — I am not the kind of woman that just collects things, you can find beautiful jewels, and some day I hope to buy an aquamarine cocktail ring there, bijoux and ton of other little trinkets. Visit here, for more about San Telmo Flea market.







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  1. I’m a recent tango enthusiast and Argentina is a dreeeeeam… This just adds to its appeal, thank you for this wonderful dreamy post!

  2. wow, the stands are beautiful. i visited argentina a couple summers ago–wish i hadn’t missed out on this while i was there! going flea marketing in orange county this weekend, so we’ll see if it even compares!

  3. I love Buenos Aires. It’s one of my favorite cities – I wish I would not have missed this as well (I echo Cathie’s statements!) but will be sure to check it out on my next go. Thank you for sharing, beautiful and ethereal feeling. :)

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