mural, mural on the wall.
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this weekend multi-talented san francisco artist lisa congdon shared a beautiful commission she’s just completed. a lovely, vibrant mural at a beach house out in stinson beach, just over the golden gate bridge and tucked away a bit from the bustle of city. nice spot to work, isn’t it?


the beach house is owned by elizabeth clayton’s family (and is available for vacation rentals!). y’all might know elizabeth from her lovely blog, a browner brown. lisa was asked to incorporate the area rug by the claytons, and also found inspiration for the mural in the existing colors in the room and the natural landscape around Stinson beach, native birds and butterflies.


if you’re interested in commissioning lisa congdon for a uniquely beautiful custom mural for your home you can contact her via email. you can also find more of lisa’s work in her etsy shop, and visit her at the shop she co-owns with rena tom in san francisco, rare device. and yes, that is lisa’s trusty sidekick wilfredo, checking out the mural there in the mirror!


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