what’s up buttercup?
by victoria comment



i was looking for inspiration for a monday post (i kinda overdosed on jelly bellys, if the truth be told, and i had a total brain freeze and couldn’t think of what i might share with you!), and simply hue had added this image above to the sfgirlbybay flickr pool and shazaam! it came to me – how about some inspiration brought to you in the form of some good old mellow yellow? why yes, by golly, that’s just what i’ll do (i told you, i’m on a weird sugar rush, so please pardon my goofy self).


some great yellow accents via ethanollie.


dottie angel’s beautiful mist-matched pillows.


madelinetosh’s thrifted chair.


yellow raditor via door sixteen.


camilla engman’s lovely art collection.


madder root’s lovely tea towels, russel wright teapot from the curiosity shoppe,¬†browon bird figurine from vintage now treasures, and Noritake daisy plates from butterfly mosaics.


vintage serving trays via le petite flea.


vintage pear from three potato four.


dsbrennan’s bird specimen print.


amanda woodward’s vintage kitchen.


spots of yellow in raya’s beautiful kitchen.

25 responses to “what’s up buttercup?”

  1. I keep thinking I will tire of yellow the way I do sometimes of orange or aqua, but it just never loses its ability to make me happy or hold my attention. Way to thaw all of our brain freezes this afternoon!

  2. How delightful! While I usually believe yellows should be restrained (pale, buttery, creamy shades)and I loved the pairing of gray-blues and yellow, the sight of a chrome yellow on Market always makes me smile. http://tinyurl.com/yksu9uh

  3. i’m glad you all like the yellow! i guess it’s on my mind, because my new kitchen tile is yellow!

    nancy – somehow, that victorian sorta works, but maybe they could have gone a few shades paler! ;)

  4. Hi, Victoria, the color will fade in a few years or, more likely, the neighbors’ eyes will fry gently, thus making the shade seem more muted.

    This is the color of my favorite retro appliance, the Big Chill refrigerator in Buttercup Yellow: http://tinyurl.com/yz29uml.

  5. Thanks so much for posting my photo, Victoria. It really brightened my day. :) Plus, I love all the other photos, too….great focus on YELLOW. Woo hoo! Hmmm….think I’m having a sugar rush, too.

  6. That vivid yellow tablecoth in Amanda Woodward’s kitchen just whipped me back to Mum’s seventies kitchen and my fifth birthday party which was a sunflower theme – very yellow and brown! An iced chocolate cake with yellow paper petals… sorry my mind wandered! I love your blog – makes me feel the rest of the world is not so very far from New Zealand! Thank you.

  7. Mmmm, jelly bellies! Yellow always makes me happy at this time of year. Thank you for including my birdie in this gorgeous lineup! I long to find a vintage map like the one in the ethanollie photo. *swoon*

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