blog it forward – the wrap up!
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rikshaw design loves casual style and eclectic design.

well, we did it. i think just about everyone involved in blog it forward posted as planned — all 300 bloggers! that’s quite an achievement, and i think everyone should take a virtual blogger bow, and pat yourselves on the back! now, we’re dreaming up our next endeavor and the idea of a mood board has come up, and i think it’s a very inspiring idea. more details on that to come when we get things rolling. i’m taking a quick break to move into my new home in may, and then we’ll get going again.


bliss shares her love of polaroids.

in the meantime, i wanted to share just a wee bit more of some of the blog it forward posts and images that inspired me along the blog it forward path! thanks again to each and every one of you that participated. i think we all gained some new friends, some wonderful inspiration, and felt a great sense of community, which was ultimately our goal.


the cabin house seeks out inspiration for her home renovation projects.


je voudrais que adores spaces transformed into love stories.


lost bird found finds inspiration through members of her family.


secret pocket loves japanese craft and design books.


for one pearl button, it’s all about love, in all its many forms.


one sydney roads like a little fun in her interiors.


eccentric interiors make enhabiten happy.


cook•craft•read•love encourages us to commit to things 100% to find success.


black, white, yellow loves her design magazines.


design crush knows vegging out is important for us to refuel.


design fixation likes a cheerful wallpaper.


travel is high on pois rouge’s inspirational list.

29 responses to “blog it forward – the wrap up!”

  1. Beautiful photos from everyone and lovely inspiration all around, I really enjoyed the blog it forward experience! Excited to see what happens next :) Will be watching.

  2. i totally enjoyed blog it forward and found some new bookmark for my favorites along the way…hope to participate in the future sometime but am still working out a focus for my blog (i am all over the place with it but i love focus — it’s so grounding you know?)…you are such an inspiration!

  3. thank you for letting me be a part of blog it really was such a welcome to a wonderful group of bloggers..i am happy i am a are such a saint to organize it all!

  4. this really has been a fabulous project and i’ve found so many new and inspiring blogs in the process. i *really* want to be a part of this next time round… x

  5. wow! i can’t believe its all over and there were 300 bloggers involved! that is a great accomplishment! i hope to be able to join it next time around!!

  6. Blog-it-forward rocked! I enjoyed participating, discovering new-to-me blogs and even meeting a new friend along the way. Such a huge endeavour on your part, for which I am ever so grateful. xoxo

  7. thank you for pulling this all together! i’m so proud of everyone too!

    oh and also – many thanks for finding the super cool round glass bead candleholder – i got it yesterday…hope the etsy shop is as fun for you as for us :) xo

  8. Thanks for the link love! This was such a cool mashup – I really enjoyed participating and getting to see everyone’s inspirations – people are so creative!! Thanks for organizing such a huge endeavor. The moodboard sounds like a fantastic idea for the next one!

  9. thank you so much for the link-back love<3
    and thank you so much for organizing this amazing project!
    i had such an amazing time participating and discovering so many new and beautiful bloggers<3
    thank you thank you thank you victoria!!

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