pssst. it’s hush-hush.
by victoria comment


so, i was invited by a brilliant young guy, to test out his new software and website, that is still very hush-hush. i’d tell you what it is, but i’d have to kill you. well, not kill you, but you know — it’s still heavily under wraps. very soon though, i’ll be giving away some subscriptions to sfgirlbybay readers, so you can test this website out, too!


i’d like a black entry table, via die frau im haus.

but for now, suffice it to say, i am loving it, and it’s great for sourcing and bookmarking to an online gallery, all my very own. instead of just bookmarking web pages as favorites (which i constantly forget about!), this is a visual bookmarking tool, so that the images i like are all right there in my galleries, categorized any way i like.


a dramatic bedroom, via aubrey road.

for instance categorized by, blog ideas, photography i love, books, and resources and inspiration for my new home — all right there for me to peruse, any time i like. and, when i click on the images i’ve saved, they link back to their originals ource on the web, so it’s simple to credit the original source, or link back to shop online. you can also follow other members’ collections, and add their favorites to your own. i love it! here’s a little of what i’ve been stashing away to inspire my new decor. stayed tuned for more about this great new site and a giveaway for subscriptions!


gorgeous (and huge!) globe pendant lamp from ikea, via ffffound.


some very beautiful white decor, via pia jane bijkerk.


a beautiful bed and glamorous chandelier, via aubrey road.


pallet diy daybed idea, via pia jane bijkerk.


funky painted eames chair via ffffound, and a charcoal gray mantel from skonahem.


fabulously sleek dining room, via ffffound.


perhaps a gallery down the stairs to my basement, via rikshaw design.


a lovely white armoire, via ffffound.

41 responses to “pssst. it’s hush-hush.”

  1. oh. my. god. are you kidding me????

    i have been hanging on to my google notebook (which i love dearly) until today, when firefox warned me that i’d better upgrade soon, or else! i would absolutely love to see what this new secret project is. seriously, the timing of this could not be better. thank you!!!

  2. I want to know! This website/software sounds quite brilliant. I’d love to try it out. Maybe I’d finally be able to give up my OneNote organization system (hard to do when you’re on a Mac).

  3. Sounds like a great project! I’m bad about bookmarking things and then never going back to look at them, although it’s nice to be able to have that as a resource if I need it. I like the idea of being able to organize your inspiration images into categories too. Sounds exciting!

  4. Oh, I’m very interested in something that could actually organize favorite sites. I’ve struggled with various systems and been disappointed.

    Love the sharpness of black/white. I had a Czech artist friend and his bedroom was: a white bed, a small white rug, bare windows, and maybe a bedside table. Nothing else. It was very soothing, yet utterly impossible.

  5. I have clip amnesia. I can never remember what I saw or when I saw it. Can’t wait to try this tool!

  6. That little “hush hush” secret sounds like a dream come true. Can’t wait to find out more info. Love you!

  7. Far out! Sounds like the perfect tool!!!

    I’m in a bother at the moment with a fried PC, an inane gormless PC tech that took my hard drive away and said ‘i’ll see if i can anything on it’, (and still hasn’t gotten back to me 5 days later). No ggogle faves, no images on my hard drive, NO MUSIC on the laptop. ARRGGHHH currently in a techno version of hell!

    Going PC shopping this weekend. Will be v. interested to hear about this cool little trial you’ve been doing!

    jules :)

  8. i have such a tedious method of copying photos into Picasa albums for home, style, etc and including the blog post link in the comments section. Lets just say i never have enough time to do it all, let alone USE the inspiration becuase I’m too busy categorizing! i would LOVE to try this.

  9. ooooooooh. choose me, choose me! Just practising!

    your blog really cheers me up Victoria, especially when I’m feeling down.

    thank you!

  10. oh thanks jenny! that’s so sweet! your comments cheer me up when i’m down, so it works out well! ;)

    you guys are going to love this software!!

  11. This sounds like Jeteye, which is a browser plug-in. I wonder what this program is like… how similar and different they are. Have you ever used Jeteye?

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