heath is coming.
by victoria comment



i am very excited to learn that one of my favorite ceramic shops is coming to the city! heath ceramics is opening a shop in san francisco’s beautiful ferry building this month. so not only can you shop for artisan foods, now you can find something gorgeous to serve them up in!


every piece of heath’s ceramic dishwares are still made in their original factory in Sausalito, California, just over the golden gate bridge, and crafted in the same manner as it has been for the past 55 years. i’m quite happy to welcome you to san francisco, heath!



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  1. Such good news! I love Heath Ceramics. Hopefully the store is up and running before my visit to the Bay later this month! Thanks for sharing

  2. Oh, such beautiful ceramics. I really should hop over to visit while I’m in NYC. Let’s see how much an air ticket is.
    PS: I’ve designed a tea towel exclusive to Heath, and hope it will get to them for the Ferry opening. Fingers crossed.

  3. Those colors are extremely calming. I think another reason why I like them is because they are the same colors as my beloved easter time candy….Cadbury Mini Eggs!

  4. They are open! I believe they opened last Thursday. We visited the store on Saturday…the Summer Collection is beautiful. The colors are so fantastic. Such a nice addition to the Ferry Building!

  5. I was there this past weekend, and it was so difficult to walk away from such lovely pieces and not take any home with me. So beautiful, and the feel of them in your hand just speaks to their true craftsmanship.

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