guest post: Apples and Oranges from bliss in a teacup.
by my illustrious guest blogger comment



Hello! Becka here from Bliss in a Teacup stopping in for a little guest post today. With Spring here and Summer just around the corner I’ve started getting rather excited fruit stalls and farmers market’s. We have a winter market here in Vancouver, but there is something about browsing stalls outside or stopping at a roadside stall with an honour box that makes the whole experience that little bit sweeter, you know?


More often than not I find myself buying fruits and veggies that I might never have even heard of, just because I can’t resist all the fantastic colours, shapes and smells. There’s little better than carrying home bags and baskets packed full of fresh fruit and cut flowers, don’t you think?





For more Farmer’s Market inspiration I’d suggest going to take a peek at Bugheart’s fabulous Polaroid set, over here!


Image credits: 1. monitorpop, 2, highvoltageilene, 3. dinner and drinks, 4. little brown pen, 5. monitorpop, 6. little brown pen, and 7. monitorpop.

15 responses to “guest post: Apples and Oranges from bliss in a teacup.”

  1. Thanks for a tiny piece of nostalgia today. Since I moved away from Grand Rapids, MI one of the things I miss the most is the Fulton Street Farmer’s Market! Thanks for the great pic.

  2. I feel like I was at the farmer’s market with you! Your photography is beautiful, and the picture with the radishes (?) pink, red, and white would make a beautiful mural in someone’s office. :o)

  3. I got so excited there for a second. Fulton Street Farmer’s Market is my hometown market!! I thought it was a post about that market…

    I love farmer’s markets, Fulton Street is one of my absolute favorites.

  4. What vibrant and beautiful images! The farmers market in downtown Charleston, SC has started up for the season, and after what was supposed to be a quick walk through for veggies, I wound up with armfuls of wildflowers–they were too beautiful to resist!

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