stealing style: muji.
by victoria comment


one of my favorite bits about london, is shopping at muji, and i tend to stuff my suitcase before leaving. i so wish there was a muji in san francisco, but i’m not too worried, because i can always find muji products available online, too.


muji carries a extremely affordable and wide variety of products with very simple, clean aesthetics, and aspires to modesty and plainness, the better to adapt and shape itself to the styles that appeal to as many people as possible. think ikea, with a japanese flair. here’s a glimpe at some of my favorites from muji.


gingham checked slippers ($13.95), cotton re-useable tote bag ($26.50), craft sketchbook ($4.25), and beechwood wall clock ($48.75).


clear stickies for marking your favorite spots ($3.50), reused yard scarf ($19.95), 36 colored pencils in kraft tube ($11.25), and really cute good fit red sneakers ($26.50).


beech jewelry tree, ($16.75), tin box with lid ($20.95), pinewood folding table ($82.50), and aluminum business card case ($5.50).


square mahogany wood tray ($11.50), wool jersey bag ($19.25), cozy wool checked blanket ($24.98), and city in a bag, paris ($14.00).

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  1. I love muji! I only write with their pens, it’s a terrible obsession. I just went there in NYC last weekend and then I found something to order after I got home.

  2. I love this store. I just blogged about it a couple of weeks ago.

    I went to the NY store and just went snap happy.

    So many fun things. Love that canvas tote you posted.

  3. In Japan, they have muji glasses now — very simple and stylish glasses for under $100 with prescription glasses, eye exam and everything. I got a pair when I went back last time and I love it so much!!! :)

  4. i just encountered muji for the first time this past saturday in the jetblue terminal at JFK. i walked out with new york and tokyo map handkerchiefs, and a few small plastic things. i looked around in awe and wanted to take everything home with me. so fun.

  5. Hello lovely, just wanted to let you know there is a little surprise waiting for you over at my blog (in the form of a Sunshine award). Thanks for adding a little sunshine to my days! xox

  6. Thanks for posting about Muji Victoria. I love Muji, I have a set of their towels and bed linen, it is the most comfortable stuff. Have just moved back to Australia after living in London and wished we had Muji here! :)

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