tuesday’s girl: flirty frocks.
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there’s just nothing quite as swell as a cute vintage print dress. you know how it makes you feel? you have a bit of a tan, maybe some bright lipstick, and some sassy sandals, and then, zam! that perfect dress! the one that makes you feel like flirting! this tuesday’s girl is all about the fun flirty frock!

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27 responses to “tuesday’s girl: flirty frocks.”

  1. I could not agree more with your words. Beautiful images! I am currently in the process of recommitting to better explore my wardrobe and reconnect with the joy of a great summer frock with sandals – oxfords and my beloved Jack Purcells as well!

  2. You’re killing me today. I might as well just hang out on your blog. I want all of those dresses.

    On a related note, I am determined to find and hire a dressmaker this spring.

  3. The dresses are so beautiful, I want them all! I’m looking to get some vintage into my wardrobe and I’d like to start with a gorgeous 50s dress, just like one of these.

  4. Oh I want a pretty dress! I’ve been itching to get the sewing machine out and try to recycle some clothes into prettier clothes.

  5. If you live in San Francisco, please let me recommend Dema (on Valencia) for lovely girly frocks. I buy all my clothes used, but have splurged on a couple of their irresistible dresses!

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