yellow bit road.
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via i l’aria, and junk culture.

i’ve still got a spring crush on yellow. it’s just so darn cheerful — it feels as though it would be difficult to get into a bad mood living in these rooms. yellow has got a bit of that mid-century modern feel, too. my mum had a lot of yellow (along with green and orange) in our house growing up. i called it ‘peas, carrots and corn’. but today, let’s mostly just look at corn.


faux mantel adds lovely bit of color, via aubrey road.


via dottie angel, and atlitw.

via emma’s design blog.

via lolanova, and yellow eames via glac1061.


via john baird,and pardon my vintage.


love the inside of this credenza painted yellow, via spring globe.


this is what i mean by ‘peas, carrots and corn’, via tiffanycsteinke, and squirrelpearl.

keep calm via chez larsson, and a big letter day via oh-so-quiet.

quite cozy via deardaisycottage, and one cute kitchen via smile and wave.

lovely patchwork pillow via three red apples.

via emma lamb, and *katy*.

21 responses to “yellow bit road.”

  1. I am in love with yellow too, I wonder if we all love it this time of the year because it mimics sunshine?! Thanks for sharing our ‘peas, carrots and corn’ hallway above!! haha

  2. I know exactly what you mean…I can’t seem to get enough of yellow this year! So keep it coming – this post is beautiful :) maybe I’m drawn to yellow because I’m sun deficient right now!

  3. I share your crush for all things yellow!
    It is me favorite color and I would like to see more yellows around me! so bright, sunny and happy!
    Love this photo from atlitw. Superb interiors!

  4. I know how what you mean about Spring color crushes. Every Spring I want to paint everything in bright sunny yellows and greens to help shake off the late winter chills. These are beautiful inspirations for keeping it simple, and not going overboard.

  5. The yellow, teal, and white combos are so yummy! I’m already thinking what, where, how can I do this at home?? Love it, thanks.

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