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London’s very own Summerill & Bishop has just announced the launch of its new online shop, allowing Notting Hill’s favorite interiors shop to go international. Summerill & Bishop was opened by June Summerill and Bernadette Bishop, ‘choosing things not because they’ll sell, but simply because we love them’.

Summerill & Bishop stocks gorgeous housewares from around the globe including South Africa, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Denmark and America. I dropped into their beautiful shop the last time i was in london, and as much as I’d like to jump across the pond and shop again in person, it’s quite convenient to now find this lovely shop online!

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  1. See now, V., this is just DREAMY fantastic! I’d love to have a little place like this with a cozy lil’ café alongside. Maybe I should move to SFO and force you to go into biz with me? You do decor and I’ll bake and do coffee. We’ll call it “Beefy & The Bay” or “The Bay & The Beef”? Okay… we’ll work on the name. Now, what color to paint the shop door?

    Hey… why’s that “Psycho” music playin’ in the background? ;)

    Lovely post, V. :)

  2. it’s a little slice of heaven, this shop. and if you go to london, and visit this shop, eat at julie’s wine bar across the street – just as lovely!

    U.B. – bring it on! beefybythebay! :)

  3. I almost never fail to check your blog for inspiration Victoria, but $375 U.S. for a wooden ironing board is beyond even my imagination.

  4. Hi – I live here and I had never heard of this shop so thanks for making me aware of what is on my doorstep! Any place that sells lovely baskets of scrubbing brushes is for me! I know its bizarre but I love that whole brown paper and string thing…brushes, pegs, soaps. Love it.

  5. Hi! I just love your blog and hope you don’t mind that I have nominated you for The Sunshine Award on my blog! Keep up the great posts!

    Lexi :)

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