tuesday’s girl: audrey hepburn.
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who doesn’t just love audrey hepburn? this tuesday’s girl, i’m bringing you one of my personal idols. not just for style and fashion, i think audrey hepburn oozes beauty from the inside, out. a champion of children and human rights, and a talented actress, she starred in some of my favorite films, including sabrina, roman holiday, and my all time fav film, 1961’s breakfast at tiffany’s. if you haven’t seen any of audrey’s films, i highly recommend these, and especially breakfast at tiffany’s. (cat? caaaaat???).

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17 responses to “tuesday’s girl: audrey hepburn.”

  1. i looove audrey. I have enough Audrey “memorabilia” to make my own Audrey room.

    Although my all-time favorite Audrey movie is “Charade.” Not that I don’t love a little tiffany’s now and then ;)

  2. I swear, looking at these photos, Natalie Portman is Audrey Hepburn reincarnated! I was raised on “Moon River” from the Breakfast at Tiffany’s soundtrack. We had an 8-track player mounted under the dash in a ’66 Ford pickup and played that tape whenever we were on long trips; that & Glady’s Knight and the pips!

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