sneak peek – part deux.
by victoria comment


this weekend, i was in gardening heaven. just call ms. green jeans (or, really, really dirty jeans) because i was up to my eyeballs in dirt with my latest home improvement project (that i shared here, from an idea i saw in lonny)- the sun room herb garden. of note: i’ve re-dubbed the nook, the sunroom – just fyi. it sounds so sophisticated. silly me!

anyway, here’s a few photos of my little project – oh, how i do love getting my hands dirty and seeing pretty green things around the house. i found this great industrial metal cart on craigslist, and gathered up all my mis-matched pots from the old house, and planted lots of herbs and plants from my local nursery. now, i’ve got rosemary, basil, thyme, lavender and mint — all at the ready!

and, just off the sunroom, is my private little patio. i’m working on adding herbs and plants out here as well!

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  1. oh my gosh!!! I love it. This is amazing victoria! Your little home is looking more and more gorgeous with every peek we get. I’m totally loving the chalk board paint too. I’m working out where I’m going to use some in my home…i love it.

  2. Sweet heaven, your little garden is so so beautiful!! And I share with you all that joy in growing herbs and plants, it really calms me… and with no pets around, my plants are the one cherished and I’m always looking out for them!
    Love the cart!! It looks amazing, and the patio with all that sun must be heaven! ;) Best wishes!

  3. feeling very inspired by all your greenery. it looks great against the black wall and i’m sure all those herbs smell heavenly.

  4. gorgeous! especially against the dark grey ground. i have a new cart like that but it was supposed to be for extra counter space. don’t make me go and fill it with plants!!!!! what are the tall purple flowers on the left. ok loving the “greenjeans” reference…it’s been awhile.

    fyi – and sorry i don’t usually do this but it was kinda nice (!) – pictures from the venice garden and home tour this past weekend – at Passage Paradis:

    Cheers. You look like you’re having such fun Victoria!

  5. Beautiful! I love fresh herbs. Both to cook with and just look at. I’m planning to use potted herbs to decorate my wedding to minimize expensive flowers. I definitely need to work on my green thumb though, my family tends to have a black thumb when it comes to indoor plants, I somehow manage to kill everything!

  6. thanks so much everyone! i’m really enjoying this little room, and working on the house. sharing it with ya’ll is fun, too!

    hopefully, i don’t kill all this, either! ;)

  7. So beautiful, Victoria! You must be having a ball, making your new home! I’m loving seeing the photos and reading your enthusiasm in your words. Keep it coming!

  8. I try and try to keep liking you, Victoria, but this is just pushing the limits! Where do you get off being in this place for all of 10 minutes and you’re off making it look like a freakin’ magazine?!?! While I’ve been in my place for 10+ years and I’m STILL deciding how to rectify the mistake that is the 1990’s burgundy dining room?!?! See my aggravation now? ;)

    That 2nd pic made me gasp with joy… and maybe even one jealous-laden tear.

  9. thanks so much everybody!! it’s been pretty darn fun decorating so far! a few trouble spots i’m trying to figure out, but definitely fun.

    u.b. – you juts top that this instant! no self-deprecating! :)

  10. oh my goodness, how beautiful! i’ve seriously gone through all of the photos three times, everything looks so pretty and alive and wonderful!

  11. What a beautiful indoor garden. The plants look wonderful against the dark paint and the mismatched pots make it even more charming. Very inspiring.

  12. Love your garden table, I hope yours lasts a lot longer than mine did. For some reason I have a black thumb for indoor gardening, I just had to move all my herbs from the window area back down to our yard – I lost 20% of what I initially bought. :(

  13. its looking good! theres nothing better for the soul than spending some time potting up plants. =)

  14. I AM IN LOVE! ’nuff said! That is stunning…think I need to try and create something like this for my place this weekend!

  15. You’re giving me so much inspiration for my own sunroom…thanks!! I can’t believe how beautiful yours looks – I love the metal cart with it, so fun!!

  16. Good on you for not junking it up. You call those pots mismatched but they’re really not, as they’re all terracotta. Before you do your patio, take a look at IKEA Hyllis – a great looking, plain galvanized steel bookcase (and probably weather resistant) at a mere $14.99. That’s dirt cheap.

  17. nice work v! loving the nook and that black barlow columbine…i have lots in the garden but i covet this sunny spot to be able to grow it indoors.

    can’t wait to see more, more, more…

  18. thanks all!!

    and thanks, kim – i was trying to remember what that plant is called!! you were a lot of the inspiration for this garden, as well! :)

  19. your garden looks fantastic! our tiny garden is three blocks away in our local park. i envy the convenience of yours, especially that cart with wheels ;)! have fun!

  20. How fantastic! Ive just started planting herbs and hope that one day it will look as neat and organised as yours! Ive featured in a post today

  21. Wow! That looks fantastic. They all look so healthy, too. Everything I grow indoors turns leggy and yellow-ish. I hope the plants like their new home!
    I’m imagining you wheeling the cart into the kitchen to cook every night–too funny.

  22. Love the look of your garden. I used to live at Army and Mission back about 25 years ago. Wish I had been into gardening then. Now I live in Kansas City and would like to use your link in a college paper concerning gardening and teaching youth the principals for healthier generation.

  23. Your pictures look amazing. I stumbled on your blog while searching more herbs for my indoor garden. Would you mind telling me the plants you have on your metal cart? I don’t recognize all of them… :)

    • i’m so horrible at this amy, i’m sorry but i don’t know them all. i think there’s

      lavender, a grape vine, thyme, creeping mint moss. i can’t remember the tall one with the blackish flowers. it was lovely, though!

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