19 responses to “tuesday’s girl: alicia bock.”

  1. What a gorgeous set of photographs, my favourite is the poolside photo with the sun loungers! It reminds me of that feeling after a long day in the sun around 7pm when it starts to get cool :) x x

  2. i love alicia bock’s polaroids for the very same reasons you listed. the girly flirtiness of them all. and her eye for detail is fantastic.

  3. I’m such a fan of her photos…so pretty and dreamy and colorful. I would love a whole collection of her photos for my wall!!

  4. I’m a fan of Alicia’s work too and I consider her to be an incredible woman as well. I’m so glad you’ve featured her work here. She deserves all the kudos you’ve given her, and more!

  5. Yes, I love her work as well – they are poetic, tell a story and my favourite is the pool. The colors are muted and it works so well. It is an era – a feeling of the 60s or 70s or just the past – dreamy with many memories. They bring up so much for me.

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