baby’s got black.
by victoria comment


via the selby.

i would love to have a black leather or naugahyde sofa. i adore the sleek lines and dramatic statement a black mid-century modern, or a big tufted black baby could make in a room full of white.

i’d even be quite happy a wonderfully upholstered fabric sofa (like this rockefeller sofa via jayson home & garden, above). i’m constantly on the lookout for a great vintage bargain find, on craigslist and ebay, and when i find the right one, mark my words, i will swoop! baby will have black!

Børge Mogensen, via door sixteen.

via back_garage – scored for $20!

via domino.

via digsdigs.

the andré sofa via room & board.

via moline.

reese sofa via room & board.

via emma’s design blog.

via souvenirs du passé récent.

via domino.

snooze sofa via ochre.

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  1. I think the second photo is my favorite. A deep blue sofa would be my perfect match. Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams have a gorgeous leather in a midnight blue that’s always called my name.

  2. I just moved into a house with my boyfriend, and we now have mismatched furniture, ugh. Been looking for a new fabulous couch and craigslist is full of so much ugliness. Thanks for the inspiration, if only these couches were in my budget! The search continues for the perfect couch!

  3. Victoria, I had a black naugahyde sofa that I purchased at Brueners in 1970 for a few years. I loved that sofa but stuck to it like glue. Can’t wait to see more images of your decorating.

  4. Go quickly to the Home Consignment Center in Corte Madera. Last week I saw a black leather sofa there for $399. It’s a bit poufier than all of these, but hey, for that price it could be temporary. And it was comfortable.

  5. Oh I lvoe these …. I’m very much of a white or black thing at present – jsut love the contrast and dynamism of the two “shades” Interwstingly black can look so neat and sophisticated even in a more relaxed ‘space” ….thanks for sharing

  6. Have you seen the amazing black couch at costco of all places. It’s modern with a funky twist!! ove your photo’s and this one at costco is a nice mix of them!

  7. this is waaaaay behind the times, but I wonder if anyone knows who’s house is pictured in photo 4, from domino? I have a few other snaps that I can tell are from that house, but I’d love to know who’s house is it!

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