this time, let’s ‘pin it forward’!
by victoria comment


yay! we’re finally launching the brand new blog it forward blogger mashup, and it’s got a whole new name and theme – pin it forward!

as i’ve been saying in my last few teaser posts, i’ve been introduced to some great new software that allows you to bookmark your favorites images on the web, and keep them in a beautiful gallery for easy visual reference, and link back to the original source! and, now you are going to get to use it, too!

a sample of one of my pinboards.

i’m happy to introduce and welcome you to Pinterest! and, we’re going to invite you all to join the free membership, when you sign-up to participate in our new pin it forward blogger mashup! pinterest is a visual bookmarking site, where you can save images you find while browsing the web and organize them into collections, called pinboards.  you can create pinboards on everything, from vintage ceramics, to home decorating ideas, photographs, to your favorite chairs or even a recipe.

here’s a look at a few of my pinboards.

Pinterest is also social. Just like twitter, you can ‘follow’ people whose taste you admire, and you can ‘repin’ anything you see. You’ll automatically credit both both the original source of the image, and the person who first pinned it. Lots of creative people and bloggers use Pinterest to not only save images, but to get inspired by the amazing things pinned by people they admire.

various pinboards from other Pinterest members i follow.

so, back to the all the important details on pin it forward. here’s how it works!


• our theme this time is an inspiration board, or pinboard on “what home means to you”. that could mean home furnishings, pets, collections, family – what ever is unique to you as a person, and means home to you.

Pinterest has created a simple a google sign-up spreadsheet for you to sign up for this pin it forward mashup.  you can sign-up for any available date of your choice here. we’ll keep the sign-up open until all spaces are filled (please do it soon — they fill up fast and it’s first come, first serve), and it will close for sign-ups by May 19th, or when all slots are filled.

important: to sign up scroll down and press the edit button, and add your name, email address, blog URL and twitter name (if you’ve got one) to an open slot.

• we know you may have questions, and you can direct them to, and to me here, as well. the Pinterest team can answer any questions you may have about getting started on Pinterest.

• in a few days, you will receive an invitation by email to join pinterest. join and check it out! play around and get familiar with pinterest. it’s your new membership to do what you like with it – it’s not just for pin it forward! it’s our gift to you, just for joining in, so pin away and create all the pinboards you like!

• note: you do need to have a facebook account to sign up and authenticate your account, but Pinterest will never publish to your feed and allows you change your Pinterest user name for privacy.

• when the sign-up process is complete, on may 24th, we’ll list all the participants on a dedicated pin it forward page on sfgirlbybay with your blog link and the date you’re scheduled to post, so anyone can follow along.

• talented designer steve mcgaughey has graciously designed a cool badge for us (in various sizes) that you can include on your blog if you like, and link back to the pin it forward page on my blog with the schedule (once we post it on may 24th). you can download the badges right here.


• 10 bloggers will start sharing the common theme ‘what is home to you’ on monday, may 24th.

• each blogger will create a pinboard — sharing ‘what home means’ to them on pinterest.

• the name of your pinboard should be pin it forward – that way we’re all sure to find it easily.

• very importantly, and where your blog comes in, on the same day, each blogger will also create a blog post about their pinboard, or a round-up of those images, linking to their pinterest pinboard. blog posts can look any way you’d like to share them — creative license is good! just create your own version of your inspiration board on your blog, linking to your pinterest pinboard. once we start, i think you’ll see how it works!

• 10 bloggers will share every day, according to the schedule. and also, very importantly, in your blog post, you will link to the next blogger on the schedule, and link back to the blogger that preceded you, as well — in other words, pin it forward! just as we did with blog it forward.

so that’s the scoop! i think once you take a look and test drive pinterest you’ll see how easy it is to use! and, if you’re like me, you’ll be addicted! so, go sign up!

and i’ll be posting again on monday, may 17th to let you know who the first bloggers are and any last minute instructions, and an example of what a pinboard and your blog post might look like.

have fun, and pin it forward! xo,

75 responses to “this time, let’s ‘pin it forward’!”

  1. Hi Bobbi and Elissa. This is Ben from Pinterest. Can you try the signup sheet one more time (here is the linke: and if you can’t get in, just drop me an email and I’ll get you signed up! ben (at) pinterest (dot) com.

  2. AH. MAY. ZING. a)I flipping LOVE this project idea, but 2) This is EXACTLY what I’ve needed to organize all the images I’ve been stockpiling in my starred list on Google Reader! Ahhh… I can feel the visual relief already… Can’t wait to see Pin It Forward take off!

  3. I went to the spreadsheet and entered my infor for group 2 on June 1st and hit save and close but when I go back into the spread sheet to make sure my info is there I don’t see it. So I hope it saved if not please let me know so I can sign up again.

  4. My wonderful friend Lindsey (comment #10) of Lost & Fawned pointed me this way. This looks like so much fun!

    I have you on my blog list but me thinks it’s time to get you in my Google reader!

  5. what if i want to register on the site but not participate on the project (just because my website is not written in english)? is invitation only??

  6. synapse – yes – you can still sign up for pinterest. ben will send you an invitation. and you can always share your inspiration ‘visually’ which is very much how pinterest works.

  7. Yikes! This is waaaaaay too visually complex for me – I admire people who can use things like this and Tumblr, but I don’t think my brain works that way. Maybe if I didn’t already have a blog? (I’ve never had a mood board or inspiration board, either, so I suspect this really is just how my brain works. I am easily overstimulated by looking at too many things at once.)

    I’m also very hesitant to use my Facebook login for anything other than Facebook right now. Not because I don’t trust Pinterest, but because I don’t trust Facebook!

    p.s. The Pinterest site doesn’t seem to be working anymore? I’m just getting a blank page…

    p.p.s. I’m still very excited to see what other participating bloggers put together!! :) :)

  8. anna – i know it’s harder to put into words how this works than when you visually see it, but i think it will be quite clear when i provide an example on monday.

    i use pinterest to bookmark images that inspire me to share on the blog (and for myself) because i find that when i simply bookmark things, i forget about them. pinterest allows me to have a visual gallery right in front of me, and it an amazing tool for blogging daily.

    i told ben about the pinterest site not working – if you hit refresh it should work. that happened to me, too. he’s looking into it.

    as far as facebook goes, it’s just the way pinterest is set up right now, and perhaps ben can address that better than i. i understand your concerns, and i don’t personally love facebook, but i think it’s a personal choice whether your use it and trust it. but i do trust the pinterest team or i’d never have collaborated with them.

    i hope everyone has fun and enjoys the inspiration, and using pinterest! :)

  9. hi victoria – can you clarify something for me? are the pin it forward blogs supposed to be solely “inspiration boards” with stuff we find on or upload to pinterest? (no original content and photos of our own?) for example, if I think home means family – then I’d need to find a photo related to family for the pinboard… but not an actual photo of my own family? i’m guessing pinterest doesn’t want of photos of my son cluttering up their site (and i’m not sure I’d even want to post them to pinterest, anyway!)

    i’m confused. maybe because i’m under the weather right now, or maybe i’m just making this far too complicated in my head. :D thanks for any help.

  10. marisa – that’s a good point, and yes, you can always add a personal photo (perhaps you pin your own photo from flickr). maybe you wouldn’t want to fill up all of your pinboards with personal photos, since they will be seen by all members, but for your ‘pin it forward’ board, i think it totally makes sense to add a personal photo, especially about what home means to you.

  11. ok here’s one that i didn’t read about on the comments yet! i don’t have a blog or a facebook. i am new to this club. i just enjoy and get my daily inspiration from reading your blog victoria, and save the pictures i like, decorating ideas and other blogs in folders on my laptop. i understand i need a facebook to sign up for pinterest but my college kids and highschooler would probably freak out if i opened one. my question is… will i still be able to access your blog and all that it includes by not having pinterest? or will i be out of the loop?

  12. I want to sign up to use Pininterest but don’t have a blog. Tried to sign in with my Facebook account but it said I need an invitation. :(

  13. I’d also love to get an invitation to sign up to get a feel for things before determining whether or not I would like to participate in the project. I’d hate to take up a spot if I wound up determining that pinterest isn’t for me, after all. Although it sounds so fabulous! Ben, could you send me an invite so I can feel it out for myself?

    Thanks you so much!

  14. Hey Rachel, why don’t you drop me a direct email – ben (at) pinterest (dot) com.

    We will be sending out invites to everyone who signs up over the next few days.

    And Ludmilla, you can find the signup sheet here:

  15. Very excited to be a part of this and can’t wait to see what everyone creates! Thanks for setting this up Victoria … and for introducing us (or at least some of us) to Pinterest!

  16. hi guys – sorry – i’ve been out all afternoon doing bday stuff (not ideal timing to launch perhaps!) but i am here to answer some of your questions.

    – if you’ve had any trouble logging in – please contact ben at ben (at) pinterest (dot) com. and he will correct any errors or troubleshoot for you.

    – if you’re already on pinterest, just sign up for a date on the sign up sheet, and if you get an invitation to join, i believe you can just ignore it.

    – geri – yes, you will be able to see all the blogs, including mine, participating, and you can view their pinboards even if you don’t sign up – you can view them on pinterest:

    – sharise – no worries you are signed up for june 3rd.

    – i think that’s it. if anyone has more questions, drop me an email, or the team at pinterest at:

    have fun everyone! :)

  17. How fun! I am excited to participate and anxiously waiting for my Pinterest invitation. I think I am going to love Pinterest!

  18. Amazing!!! I’ve been storing all of my inspiration photos in a single folder and have been frustrated so many times when I can’t access them on any other computers….but not any more!! I can’t wait to get my invitation and share my brand spanking new ideas of home with everyone (I’ve been nomadic for the past two years, but just signed a lease!!).

  19. victoria…i am so bummed the one day i didn’t have a chance to check your blog, and the one day i didn’t check my tweets is the day you post “pin it forward”. i missed blog it forward and have been anxiously awaiting this next one and by golly it was just my luck that i missed the sign up. i did try tp sign up on the waiting list but i’m not sure if i did it right. i’m hoping you get a chance to see if my name is on there. anyhoo, i hope you’ll be planning another one in the near future after this. [sigh].
    xo, alely

  20. alely – so sorry! i’ve been tweeting since last week, and posting on the blog that is was coming since last week, too. and we’ve been tweeting all day wednesday & thursday to let people know to sign up quickly. i’m sorry you missed it!

    we will do another one for sure, and if someone drops out, we will be sure to start adding people from the waiting list!

    thanks again for all your interest!

  21. jenny – i don’t see your name on the sign up sheet and it’s closed right now, as it filled up really fast. there is a waiting list if you want to add your name to that.

    and, yes there is a subscribe button on the left side of my blog if you scroll down a bit.


  22. what an amazingly cool idea – i just joined, although too late to take part in your pin up, and am so looking forward to seeing other ideas of home, and to creating my own little pin ups! much thanks for sharing

  23. Just getting back to catching up on line and am loving pinterest, its almost addicting. Great article and very informative, Thank You for the inspiration today.
    Having blogged a couple of years ago – I just couldn’t keep up the time commitment while trying to rebuild my interior design business. To be honest, the process was so time consuming with partial coding, cut pasting, scanning or using flickr to upload individual files – I eventually stopped and just used my flickr to file my resource library. To now have facebook, tumblr, twitter, iphone apps like instagram to my new favourite pinterest – is fabulous. Such a great concept. Now if i could just combine my love of tumblr + designspiration + Pinterest + instagram + Flickr into one place – brilliant!

  24. I am about a year behind on this post but I LOVE Pinterest and use it all the time. I hope I can join the list and be in the next mash up!
    Much Love,

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