i’ve gone to the dark side.
by victoria comment


it’s time for me to share a little bit more of what i’ve been doing to decorate my new house. this weekend i just wasn’t feeling the dining room. it felt kinda blah, without any distinct personality. so i called up my favorite painter and asked him for more chalkboard black walls! i’ll admit it, i’m kind of addicted to this look, and the sunroom is definitely one of my favorite places to hang out, and guests seem to feel cozy in there, too.

so, now, i’ve got some really dramatic, dark walls with pretty white crown molding. i love it! this is two coats of rust oleum’s black chalkboard paint (the best price i’ve found to date is at home depot). i’m still afraid to actually to take chalk to it, and i still need to accessorize, figure out the artwork situation, and locate a great chandelier, but here’s how the dining room is looking thus far.

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  1. Gorgeous! I love our chalkboard paint wall. It’s one of my favorites in the house. It does looks so dramatic and polished.

    Looking great!

  2. I LOVE it! Especially the natural textures of the dark brown wood table, light wood floors and white fur with the black walls as a backdrop. Amazing. Also, that mirror above the mantle is to die for.

  3. wow!! thanks for the nice response guys! i love it, i must say!

    caitlin – i have an awesome, and very inexpensive painter! email me and i’ll send you his number.

  4. Wow! There are so many things in that room I am drooling over….the wall, the moldings, the table, the accessories. Love!

  5. It looks fantastic! I love the dark wood, the patina on the accessories, the black & white chairs, and of course the black paint! WOW

  6. WOW! you have some serious decorating skills girl….my daughter has a black bathroom and i thought that was cool, but i must admit that your dining room is oh so dramatic, yet so classic! love it!!!!

  7. I love how it’s looking. With a chandelier and some more art it’s going to be totally awesome.

    Would you share the name of your painter? I kind of want to re-paint my whole studio and I’m not sure I can face it myself!

  8. Ooo. I just saw your comment above. I’m totally emailing you about this painter!

    And I wanted to add that I love the bentwood chairs in black. Seriously.

  9. Am I the only one who doesn’t like this? It reminds me of a house I stayed at in India, which also had a black dining room. It always felt so stiff and cold– I get chills just thinking about it now.

  10. I’m so inspired! I would never have the nerve to paint walls so dark, but after seeing that room, I just might… Thanks, Victoria!

  11. gorgeous! I wish we could do something like that in our house but have these dumb textured walls. Argh.

  12. ooh! love the effect. It’s cozy without being cavelike. And even without the artwork, the room looks stunning. I wonder if a chalk pattern on the wall could substitute for some art

  13. I thought you were a little cuckoo when you mentioned that you were thinking about painting the dining room with chalkboard paint, but I admit that I love it. The painting goes perfectly with the color of the walls and the white molding and fireplace keeps the room from getting too dark. very cool. personally, I’d have a hard time using chalk on the walls too.

  14. That is just brilliant!!! I am way to chicken to try something like that. I can´t wait to see more pictures as you keep decorating it. It looks awsome already though. :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. It feels so much more grown up than the all-white you had in your old place, not that that wasn’t lovely :)

    RE: the chalk walls … chalk pinstripe!! it can always be erased / repainted!

  16. That is beautiful–love it!
    I, too, am going to email you for the painter’s number/info. I don’t know if the bf can handle all the painting jobs I have this summer!

  17. love it victoria! sounds like you are having a wonderful time decorating your new place! did you reupholster your chairs yourself? I have some saarinen chairs that desperately need something new and don’t want to buy new cushions. xo

  18. you guys are all too kind! thank you so much!

    hi kyna – and thanks! i did make these cushions, but trust me, you don’t want to look at them up-close. they’re pretty bad. but, they do the trick for now! :)

  19. I painted a wall in our kitchen/dining/living room chalkboard and love love love it. all of our art looks so dramatic against it and you can’t be afraid to draw on it. you could draw legs on that handsome fella’s portrait! try an out of the way corner first if you like, but a damp rag takes it all off although I really like the smokey patina of erased white chalk.

  20. Mr Suave looks so at home! Beautiful walls and contrast with white woodwork – inspiring. I love the fireplace and the fact that you brought it w/you. I can see your silver vases and lab beakers on mantlepiece or sideboard filled with bougainvillea or other bright pink flowers. Only thing I’m not 100% sure about is shaggy carpet under dining table with people sliding chairs in and out or eating over it. That’s just me being overly practical perhaps.

  21. Wow, wow, wow! I love this room! Please tell what color is on your ceiling? Pale grey? Really beautiful job!

  22. me too, cammie!

    thanks, ash! you will see it soon! :)

    honeydontthink – so far, no mishaps, and i had this rug under the table at the old place.

    cecelia – only if i decide to change it!

    kathy – the ceiling is just a flat white. :)

  23. Love that black. It looks like there is a tint of blue in it. I think that’s the trick. Thank you for the paint name. If you use the Tord Boontje Garland Light in white, it would stand out well against the black wall. And it’s not too expensive. I love that painting you have – being small on that large wall. It seems to float on a sea of calmness.

  24. It’s just gorgeous. And doesn’t at all look too dark (like I thought black walls would make a room look). It’s so dramatic. Perfect.

  25. Hi, Can you give me the contact info of your painter? I’m in SF and looking to fix up my kitchen. Thanks!!

  26. hi, I’m curious as to how u decided on chalkboard paint. Did you try out other black paint? Is the finish different from other matte paint, such as clay or milk paint?

  27. nashvilledeb – thank you – my mother gave me this table. :)

    cajeta – i wanted the option of being able to actually draw on the walls, and i love the look of the chalky gray when you’ve erased something. just a little different, i guess!

  28. black!!!! oh no…i have been so obsessed with white, i have neglected its counterpart. i cannot tell you how much i love this, genius my friend! xo t

  29. Hello!

    A) LOVE your blog – have been daily dedicated reader since 2008 – keep the brilliance coming!!!

    B) Incredible room. I was recently turned onto black chalkboard paint by a friend and I wonder now how I ever lived so long without. Live in a CA mid century bungalow with thick framed screens. Painted all the interior frames with the chalkboard paint and now beautiful contrast to white walls during day and the windows melt into the dark sky at night. So little paint – massively wonderful effect!

    QUESTION: Did you paint the bentwood chair the gloss black or came that way? If painted, did you spray, if so may I ask your recommendation on paint?Just inspired me about what to do with awful Louis style desk inherited that has great bones shape but in current walnut, lets just say SOOOO does not go with my aesthetic. Perhaps with some black gloss paint it can be resuscitated afterall …

  30. OMFG! I’m just getting caught up on posts right now, and WOW WOW WOW it looks amazing!!!

    I really think I might have to do some repainting…

    Let’s just copy each other forever, okay? :D

  31. hillary – thank you so much! and yes, i painted the bentwood chairs with rust-oleum’s black lacquer spray paint. it was kinda stinky, so i did it in the backyard and set up a plastic sheeting around the chairs, and wore a mask! ;)

    anna – thanks so much! it means a lot that you like it, since i’m the one always copying your inspiration! yeah – copycats forever! :)

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