pin it forward – here’s the schedule!
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i’m so excited, everyone! thanks to all 300 of you who joined pin it forward! the response was huge, and i’m sorry it closed up so quickly, but hopefully you’ll join in next time! it’s definitely always hard to turn anyone away, but it’s a logistical management issue and nothing more.

and, those of you who signed up, but didn’t make this event, should have received an invitation to join pinterest anyway, and are having fun pinning away your favorite inspirations on the web and creating new pinboards for yourselves! if for some reason you haven’t, just drop the team a line at and they’ll sign you up on pinterest!

i’d like to introduce our schedule, and our starter blogs. this schedule will always live on this dedicated page on sfgirlbybay, listing all of the participating blog links, and the date you are posting, so at any time during the pin it forward event – anyone can check the schedule and follow along. i hope if you didn’t make this time, you’ll follow along, and join us next time!

so, without further ado, here are the gracious bloggers who kindly agreed to start off our schedule and help me kick off pin it forward on monday, may 24th:

• erin of design for mankind

• sara of lost bird found

• joy of oh joy!

• christine of lama

• nicole making it lovely

• jodi of a fresh start

• lori of automatism

• melissa of melissa loves

• hijiri of heartfish

• these lovely bloggers and i, will all post on our blogs ‘what home means to us’, and link to the pinboard we’ve created around this theme on pinterest. and, we’ll introduce the next blogger in our groups. so each day, 10 blogs will share their interpetation of their pinboard on their blogs and link to the next blog on the schedule, and so on and so on.

• look for the date you signed up for and it will be listed in one of the ten groups blogging simultaneously on the schedule.

• also – if you see some discrepancy in your blog title, or url, please let me know via email.

• we also want to encourage you to try and pin from a variety of sources and be creative. some of the most interesting pinboards are a nice mix of products, photos, art. if it helps, perhaps think of home as more ‘symbolic’ perhaps than literal images of your home, but definitely share what you aspire your home to be.

• remember when you create your pinboards, it’s always nice to credit where you found the image. imitation is the nicest form of flattery, but even nicer when you give credit to the original source. so if you use a pin on your blog, that you found via another member of pinterest, it’s be great to say something like, ‘found via christine’s pin’.

• have fun, and as always if you have any questions, you can direct them to me, or to the pinterest team at

pin it forward! xo, victoria

22 responses to “pin it forward – here’s the schedule!”

  1. My only comment is that if you “repin” something from someone else, it automatically says where it came from… so maybe it’s best to repin than go to the site and start your own pin?

  2. yes – good point courtney. it’s nice to repin, rather than starting a new pin.

    i’m so excited to see all your boards!

    and, i love what y’all have been pinning so far – i’m so impressed and inspired with your finds!

  3. thank you so much for organizing this victoria! pinterest has been so much fun so far . . . i can hardly wait to see what everyone comes up with! and i am thrilled to be a part of the kick off group!

  4. Hey Courtney. That’s a good point! Re-pinning gives credit to both the person that found an image, and the original source. You can change the title and add your own message, but it’s a nice way to tip your hat to another person.

  5. missed it! this is so much like me these days! argh! next time…i am so excited to follow along…xoxo t
    p.s. have i mentioned you are my hero and i want to be just like you when i grow up? :)

  6. i am more than thrilled to be a part of this. seriously, pinterest is a brilliant site. thank you. thank you to all that created this!! i just love seeing everyone’s inspirations and lovely images…the only downside is that my gym clothes have been on since 6 am and i don’t think i am going to able to peel myself away from the computer. ever.

  7. mrs. french! we are so sorry to miss you this time – it filled up so quickly! let’s swap – ’cause i wanna be you! :) xo

    nicole – welcome to my world. i live in pj’s! :)

  8. We are so excited to be involved! We are just getting our feet wet in the blogging world and can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Some of our favorite blogs are taking part and it is so nice to feel included in this impressive group!

  9. I agree with Kirby & Tiny Toes – so excited about this opportunity! I can’t wait to check out everyone’s blogs – I’m sure I’ll have at least another 200 blogs to be following!

  10. I am so happy to be a part of this, and I am *loving* pinterest. I think it is a brilliant idea and the layout is so clean and easy. :) Thanks for all your hardwork Victoria (and the pinterest team!).

  11. Hi Victoria,
    thank you so much for sharing “pinterest” with us. I’m getting completely hooked to pinning all the gorgeousness that’s out there on the web. So much fun – and so useful, too ;)

  12. I found out about the “Pin It Forward” campaign when watching Ben’s keynote speech on vimeo… And then I got curious about it as it seemed like a brilliant idea.. Finding this page makes me feel like an archaeologist….

    Oh… and I wanted to tell you about my favorite site for pinning YouTube videos… fuhshniZZle YouTube Playlist Builder….

    ciao! xoxo

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