wine monkey love.
by victoria comment


okay, y’all. i have no idea what came over me (and, i was not drinking!), but this is probably one of my silliest purchases in an awful long while. but, ummm, just look him – isn’t he cute? he’s the wine monkey from urban outfitters, and i just had to have him.

although, unless you’re going to walk around your home, chugging your wine from the bottle, while it rests comfortably within the wino sock monkey, it’s maybe a better idea, and a much more fun one, to bring this as a hostess gift with the next bottle of wine you bring to a party, huh?

15 responses to “wine monkey love.”

  1. love it! kinda reminds me of the sock monkey puppet that was originally on that petsmart commercial and now it’s a full size one on one of the car commercials. haha… so cute!

  2. I’m not sure, it can get pretty cold in my place so I might use it for myself. Either way, I’m thinking of picking up a few as they would make great gifts for any wino.

  3. Anyone who brought be me a bottle of wine in this as a hostess gift would immediately become a vip at every party i ever hosted for the rest of my life!

  4. Well, don’t feel so bad – I have a “michelin” kind of jacket for a vodka bottle to stay cold for a long time. But I didn’t buy it, my boyfriend got it somewhere. Your wine monkey is adorable!

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