fit for a queen.
by victoria comment


whenever i’m envisioning sumptuous bedrooms in my head, i quite often picture the homes featured on UK-based location scout experts, light locations. there, i can always find a cozy bedroom i just want to get lost in, never to be found again. burrowed deep beneath this beautiful bedding with a favorite book and a fire burning. today, i’m letting y’all in too! massive pajama party!

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  1. Ooh, I love these pictures! So romantic and full of beauty, but yet relaxed. Thanks for the tip with Light Locations, they have indeed a great portfolio…

  2. I’ve been reading for a while but delurking to say “Hello!” and that these are beautiful – really make me want to finish my bedroom. Also, I dearly love the arched windows in pic 3 & in the last photo.

  3. These pictures are so lovely. And those floor to ceiling windows! (4th from bottom) Love.. wish I can have SOME light in my SF bedroom. ^^

  4. Oh man. I wish I was snuggled up in that 4th pic from the bottom with some coffee and a book.

    Especially on this cold, grey, rainy ass day (dear san francisco, it’s JUNE. yours, jennifer).

  5. Love thsi post…want to get in bed and get lost, too. Open one of those windows and let in a warm breeze…I might never leave the bed. ;)

  6. victoria – I am jealous!

    (Uh. Yeah. Apparently I time traveled earlier because it’s not actually June. Or I might just not have had my coffee yet:) But still.)

  7. I love the majestic lighting fixtures so many of the bedrooms feature! They add so much glamour to even the starkest of rooms. Does anyone know how to best affix chandeliers or other big lighting fixtures to a ceiling? Is there a way to do it without damaging the ceiling for those that live in a rental?

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