fab friday.
by victoria comment


analog nights, via the wallpaper collective.

i feel a bit like getting my groove on this fab friday. let’s put some music on and dance around today, shall we? here’s some fab friday finds to get you tapping your feet and swinging those hips!

an awesome portable turntable, via urban outfitters; some new ‘old’ vinyl, via urban outfitters; the manchester media stand, also via urban outfitters; and sweet small wood radio, via the curiosity shoppe.

morrissey concert poster, via yee haw.

listen to kcrw eclectic 24, become a member or find free downloads; she & him poster, via the small stakes; vintage transistor radio, via pittsburgh clock shop; and these are some mighty pretty headphones, via urban outfitters.

love is a mixed tape, a book by rob sheffield; handmade ipod case, via kimoley bags; some vintage pixies fan love, via vindrewski; and an owl in headphones vinyl wall decal, via janey mac press.

15 responses to “fab friday.”

  1. That morrissey poster says at the Tennessee Theatre that was where I had my high school prom, it is a beautiful place especially after they restored it.

    P.S. – had a lot of fun being a part of Pin it Forward thanks for putting on such a fun thing. Happy Weekend!

  2. Hi There! I’ve been following your blog for sometime now and I recently moved to SF! I wanted to say HELLO, and I love your blog! And I LOVE She & Him!

  3. :) thanks anna – i think we share similar musical tastes!

    emily – how cool! what a great place for a prom. i think mine was at a hilton. ;)

    hi betty!! and welcome! :)

  4. love the candy colored headphones. hope the tech world takes notice and makes more stuff like this! wouldn’t it be great if all our electrical cords were pink and turquoise!

  5. i love those headphones! there’s a store in lower haight that has really cool vintage headphones that come in all sorts of colors like mint green, brown, and white.

  6. I acquired a beautiful teak perfect condition stereo console system with turntable when I bought my house – the previous owners left it there. I sooo loved it and went out to the second hand stores and got great deals on albums for 50 cents. I love the sound and the fact it also had a radio. Alas, when I moved I had to sell it at a garage sale. Hope it’s having fun out there.

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