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Colin Hearts Kay is a new romantic comedy and an independent partially-animated film from the Emmy-winning director Sebastian Conley. Following two sold-out screenings at the Brooklyn International Film Festival, the movie will be having its West Coast premiere at the San Francisco United Film Festival on June 14th. and the Film Festival folks have been kind enough to offer one lucky sfgirlbybay reader two free tickets to see Colin Hearts Kay.

so if you’re in the bay area, and can attend the film on monday, june 14th, at the roxie theater, simply comment below and share your favorite indie film by wednesday at midnight, and we’ll pick a winner on thursday to attend the screening of Colin Hearts Kay. be sure and leave a way to contact you, and good luck!

Colin Hearts Kay screening at the San Francisco United Film Festival:
when: June 14th, 9:30 pm
where: Roxie Theater in San Francisco (3117 16th Street)

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  1. OMG this would be amazing to see. I would have to say that my favorite indie flick is art&copy. Such a great film. Thanks for offering this!! <3

  2. This question got me thinking and I’m unsure whether “indie” is an aesthetic category, or whether it actually means produced independently. Well, this is old and not well-known, but I love the Czech film “Daisies.” I’ll be in San Francisco all next week and it would be so awesome to take my boyfriend to this movie!

  3. “Main on Wire” is one of my favorite movies of all time – indie or otherwise. It’s a must for anyone who is passionate about creating… :)

  4. It’s too hard to pick a favorite movie regardless of narrowing it down to just independent films. They tend to be my favorite variety. The last independent film that I really loved and watched more than once was Adventureland. I just loved it, partly because my first job way back when was at an amusement park.

    I would love to see this new movie. I love mixed media!

  5. one of my many favorite indie films is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for its time manipulation, imagination and jolting imagery not to mention the soundtrack.

  6. My husband and I just got married and would love to ba able to participate in the fil festival. It looks wonderful. Thank you for this opportunity.

  7. Hi this is Sebastian the writer/director of Colin Hearts Kay. Victoria, I wanted to thank you so much for sharing our film with your readers. You have such a beautiful blog and I hope everyone enjoys our little movie.

  8. I would love this opportunity! I’m new to SF and always love new places to explore!! My favorite independent film? I don’t know about that- but Dancer in the Dark with Bjork makes me SOB like a child.

  9. in the spirit of love,
    the baxter is my favorite independent film of the moment.
    my cash strapped fiance+i would love to check-out colin hearts kay…
    saving all our money for the big day!

  10. I think Run, Lola, Run fits into the indie category, right? Such a unique film! I’ve made many friends sit down and watch it with me. I’m raiding this list for my Netflix queue… I still haven’t managed to see art&copy!!!

  11. I’m up in Portland, but was hoping this would fall during my visit to SF (July 28-August 1)! I’m definitely going to look this film up for when it comes to Portland, it looks adorable!

    I hope to find something fun like this while I’m in town to take the bf to, it’ll be his birthday!

    I love all of the movie recommendations, I’m definitely stealing these as well.. my favorite would have to be Priceless :) Have fun at the show!

  12. I was an extra in Colin Hearts Kay and had so much fun filming this one scene in a Chinese Restaurant. (Don’t want to give away any inkling of what it’s about — but I can assure you it was hilarious drama!) My favorite indie film is Paper Heart. Love is such a complicated emotion that brings with it oodles of comedic drama. Colin Hearts Kay is no exception. :D

  13. i adore the light love story of “gigantic” starring zooey deschanel, john goodman and paul dano.

  14. In Search of a Midnight Kiss

    The beauty of this film is how realistic it is, challenging the norms of romantic comedies.

  15. Hmmm favorite indie film? Actually, it’s: “Young at Heart”, an incredible independent documentary which in a heart-breakingly sincere and beautiful way follows a group of senior citizens in a choir group for a short while, telling the stories of the members. It is SO good! Watch it!

  16. one of my favourite indie films is Brick, by director
    Rian Johnson. i loved how he re-invented the detective genera, and it looks like colin hearts kay is going to put a whole new spin on the romantic comedy! i can’t wait to see it!

    from my <3 to yours!

  17. so many good movies mentioned! i guess one of my favorite movies of this genre must be “welcome to the dollhouse”. just amazing! it’s been around forever (it’s from 1995), but i can always come back to this cute and funny and sad movie. reminds me a lot of “little miss sunshine” combined with “ghost world”. love it!

  18. i love lars and the real girl! i enjoy the imagination that indie films offer viewers – they are more unpredictable but realistic at the same time. so incredibly beautiful.

  19. if y’all entered, and you’re reading the comments – a lot of you didn’t enter a way to reach you! i can’t notify you, if you haven’t provided and email, so please re-enter your comment. thanks!!

  20. in the spirit of love,
    the baxter is my favorite independent film of the moment.
    my cash strapped fiance+i would love to check-out colin hearts kay…
    saving all our money for the big day!

    so sorry if i *did* forget to enter my email –
    hope this is better!
    *fingers crossed*

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