tuesday’s girl: little surfer.
by victoria comment


via mikael olsson.

it was super warm and sunny here this weekend and everyone was running around the city barely clothed. we san Franciscans tend to do that – the second the fog lifts and there’s even a spot of sunshine, out come the flip flops, the skimpy dresses and sunscreen. i thought for this tuesday’s girl we’d look at the carefree chic of surfer style. i think it’s more of mindset and mental attitude than anything, and perhaps we all have an inner gidget lurking in there somewhere.

sfgirlbybay; henrik halvarsson; and also henrik halvarsson.

marcus ohlsson.

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wild goose chase.


roxy girl.

liz lantz photography for choka.

Lou O’ Bedlam.

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roxy girl.


23 responses to “tuesday’s girl: little surfer.”

  1. Oh my – Sally Field is such a familiar face due to her prolific career, that sometimes I forget that she’s such a beauty!

    Visiting SF for the first time in August – can’t wait.

  2. Ah, yes! When that fog lifts it’s all about the shorts, bbq’s, and bike rides through GG Park for me. Crossing fingers that it’s going to be a nice & toasty Summer in SF! Loving your photos and that vintage inspired Chanel swimsuit!

  3. You’ve officially put me in a beachy summer mood! I’m also a nail polish addict and hope you can tell me what polish is on the toes in that flower flip flop pic up top. =)

  4. Oh to live by sea, how happy I would be! This is the time of year I won’t leave my house. Phoenix in the summer is like North Dakota in the winter – just don’t go outside.

  5. This is awesome! Not that the weather & swimming every day aren’t enough, but this post has me in the most summery beachy mood ever! I love it! ♥

  6. love this! being from huntington beach,ca i miss the warm sunny beaches. those sandals are awesome and i love that you threw gidget in there. i remember watching that show when i was a kid.

  7. It was our first hot day on Saturday down here on the peninsula and wish I could have gone to the beach to cool off. Looking at your lovely post makes me feel like I was there.

  8. I love these pictures. I just got back from a beach/surfing trip with my husband last month, and this makes me already want to go back. Of course I didn’t look like any of these girls after getting throw around violently by the Atlantic ocean :)

  9. I like this, sums up vintage surf style a beaut. anything to get away from the lashings of mainstream surf branding/culture is always refreshing

  10. Love that picture of Sally Field in her “Gidget” days. When I was in junior high school, I loved her so much. I aspired to look like her!

  11. After spending many years in the surf industry I love seeing a non-surfers perspective! This is such a lovely and refreshing set.

  12. eva – thanks so much.

    i’m not entirely a non-surfer. i grew up at malibu, and learned to surf a few years back in maui, and if the water wasn’t so cold here, and i wasn’t such a wimp, i’d still be surfing. the ocean is one of the biggest joys of my life.

  13. i love this post. i live in boulder, co and it is the same thing here. soon as the snow starts melting,it is skimpiness all over the place. however, i love the sun and lighter layers so i am all over this post.

  14. So much fun! Living in the middle of the country, I don’t get to the beach very often. This post makes me want to plan a trip soon… or at least find a copy of Gidget to watch!

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