emma’s interiors.
by victoria comment


i love the interiors shots of u.k.-based photographer emma mitchell. whether emma is shooting sleek, modern design, or something more feminine and vintage, she has a way with the camera that makes you want to move into these rooms. beautifully styled and lit, here’s a little interior inspiration from emma mitchell.

21 responses to “emma’s interiors.”

  1. gorgeous. i’ve always loved the combination of yellow and gray. it’s innocent and sophisticated at the same time. and come to think of it reminds me of little birds.

  2. I love the mood Emma transmits with her pictures. Thanks for posting such beautiful pictures (I also loved the previous post) – I’m “pinning” like a crazywoman :)

  3. the color combo of dark gray and bright neon is great! i love how it pops. emma is a great photographer and i love the serenity in some of the shots–thanks for sharing! :)

  4. can anyone tell me the name of the artist for the picture in the far bottom right of the girl sitting on the floor?

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