hideaway at home.
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via pretty legs.

ever since i was a little girl, i’ve always wanted a treehouse, a playhouse, a tent – anything i can hide out in, and escape with my imagination for a little while.

via emma’s design blog.

i used to build clubhouses out of scrap i found in alleyways and garbage bins. they never really lived up to my expectations, but i love the idea of a private oasis for reading and writing, or even an afternoon nap. so lately, i have this idea to build a grown-up version of a hideaway in my backyard.

an outdoor daybed, via free people.

i love the idea of a tent, or canopy, or even a teepee like this cute one rachel of smile and wave built (she’s got a tutorial here). she inspired lifeamundo to build one too! so now i’m inspired! i think i could actually do some version of this!

smile & wave’s backyard homestead.

a pup tent diy i recently saw from readymade magazine.

some rustic shelter, via indigo rain.

a spot for tea, via bluebird vintage.

adult camping, via lily-g (above & below).

blissful napping, via emma’s design blog.

i’d even love an airstream (but alas, no room for one!), via sunset’s glam camping ideas.

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  1. so love all of these ideas. I love the airstream and actually I love them all. I need a place to rest outside. Thanks for inspiring me today!!

  2. don’t you just love sunset magazine? i could live in it! hehe. and i have been dying for an teardrop airstream to hitch to our vw bug! thank god it is camping season!

  3. Be still my heart! This may be my most favorite post ever… I just got the kids play tent out today, but it is nothing compared to these. I sense a renovation coming on this summer… xoxo- A.

  4. These pictures are so sweet. When I was a little girl, I always had a nest to hide in. My favorites were living room forts made out of chairs and blankets, and the fridge box my parents let me keep for three weeks that I refused to leave. I even ate in there. My husband has the same obsession as me, and last year for our anniversary we rented a tree house in the middle of the Ozark Mountains. For valentines day we built a fort in our living room and slept in it for 2 days.
    Thanks for these wonderful pictures, they make me feel 6 years old, again.

  5. i’m glad we all still secretly want our little hideaways, and it’s not just me. i just love the idea of this and am going to figure it out! :)

    and aura – that sounds so romantic! lovely!

  6. Oh this post is perfection!!! I’ve always loved little hideaways and I always wanted a tree house when I was little. Still do :)

  7. Ooo I love that “spot for tea” one. OMG I would die to have something like that in either my backyard or my… bedroom or livingroom. It would be ALL MINE and I would be happy :D

  8. lovely post. so fun, inspiring, romantic and whimsical. So glad I have kids so that I can relive my youth with/through them! Thanks for giving me even more ideas on how to do this! xo

  9. The glam camping area at Sunset Weekend was the best! I’m in love with that teardrop trailer. Alas, can’t own one right now, but you can rent them for two nights! It mentions it on that web page, as well. THAT is something that shall be in the cards, fo sho.

  10. Oh my goodness! My sister and I used to build indoor, interlinked tent/den things using furniture and bedsheets when we were kids. This post makes me so happy because it reminds me of those days! Lovely idea.

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