tuesday’s girl: let’s get mod.
by victoria comment


i was looking up at my inspiration wire today, trying to, well, gain some inspiration for this tuesday’s girl post. and then i saw her. twiggy (i guess that’s why i call it an inspiration wire). i love twiggy. i love the style of the sixties. i even had a twiggy doll as a kid.  she was just iconic and beautiful and oh so fashionable. those eyelashes, that hairdo. just mod and cool all over.

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19 responses to “tuesday’s girl: let’s get mod.”

  1. She’s so pretty! Love her bambi eyes.
    Where did you get your inspiration wire from? It’s such a good idea!

    I’ve got a giveaway on at the moment xx

  2. alicia – i know! i was thinking yesterday, could i just go around with smokey eyeliner and fake eyelashes all the time? would that be weird? i love it so much!

  3. I loved Twiggy in the 60’s too! Love her to this day. I was only a junior high student back then, but I used to stare at her picture in Seventeen Magazines and just wish that I looked like her. And of course we girls all tried to draw in Twiggy lashes underneath our eyes. Love the post and can’t wait for season 4 of “Mad Men” to start this summer!

  4. I loved the Mod era. I used Oh! De London cologne. I would not go anywhere without my Twiggy fake eyelashes. I used and still wish they made Yardley cosmetics. Their lipstick was called Slickers. Revlon had some cool eye shadows that were liquid and frosted. I wish they would make it again. Helena Rubenstein cosmetics had what I believe was lipstick where the cover had tulips on it. I actually had a paper dress. Jackets and coats were this bright shiny vinyl. White textured tights were it! Young Edwardian and Whippet made some great clothes. We were so influenced by Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy, Patty Boyd . They were our idols. What a good time of my life that was!

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