a month by the lake.
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sometimes i dream about a month by a lake. in a cabin, or some rustic old lodge. kind of like dirty dancing, but maybe with a little less dancing. just picnicking, and canoeing and hiking through the woods. drinking sweet tea on really warm evenings, and watching fireflies in the summer sky. i grew up in southern california, and have no firsthand knowledge of this whatsoever. it’s all in my head. but this is what i imagine it to be like. did you have a summer camp? what was it like?

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  1. We spend weekends by the lake in Michigan a couple of times every summer. It involves s’mores, fishing, cruising in a pontoon boat and laying in a hammock. A perfect weekend getaway.

  2. this post made me so nostalgic for the old days when my family and i would go to northern mn for two weeks every summer. those were my favorite times in all my childhood. thank you!!

  3. In college I spent a long weekend at my then boyfriend’s family cottage, which was right next to a huge lake in Maine. The second night we were there a storm broke and we sat on the screened in porch watching the lightning hit the lake. It lit the water up and looked magical.

  4. what a lovely post. i never went away to camp, but i grew up on a residential lake and it was THE BEST. i really, really miss it this time of year.

  5. I wish I went to a summer camp like these when I was a kid, but I think they are very ‘East coast’. For the summers I went to a summer camp, but it was just at the local YMCA and we played in the gym and at the park by my house – hardly as wonderful as these! We went home at the end of the day, so I guess it wasn’t technically a camp, but more like a daycare. ha!

  6. Living in Canada and having spent my summers at our cottage )which was passed down through generations) I can attest it is all of that and more…lifelong friendships, baseball games, canoe races, two week (seemed like forever) summer romances. My first job was at our cottage – selling rocks door to door. I think someone even bought one for a dollar.

  7. yup. me too. it was all just like that. fireflies and crickets, with a few horseflies thrown in and tummy bugs. but otherwise just feeling the outdoors on your skin, and hearing the sounds of water lapping a shore, the smell of wood fire, the occasional suntanned cute guy, and most of the time the fresh air made everything you ate TASTE GOOD. as long as it wasn’t raining!

  8. When I was a kid, in the summers we would spend a week in a family cabin, on a lake, in the woods, in far northern Minnesota. It was idyllic: days spent swimming, fishing, tramping through the woods; there were fish fries and lots of time to read, and the fire place going at night. Such wonderful memories!

  9. I’ve totally been sucked into your daydream. I once dated a boy. The only good thing about him was that he own a cabin up in New Hampshire, right on a lake. He took me there once. We never had anything to talk about really and we only dated briefly, but that cabin was amazing. I highly recommend you consider spending a month by the lake, especially once it gets a wee bit cooler and there are less mosquitoes.

  10. Growing up I never went to camp and there wasn’t a lake involved… but we had a pool, a screen porch, and lots of woods to roam around. We had sunday pool parties with volleyball and burgers, maryland blue crab feasts, camping in the yard, watergun fights (supersoakers, oh yeah!) between trees, lightning bugs, bats, and all that warm weather mid atlantic fun.

    I think it really is as good as a dream, I’m glad I never went to camp as a kid. I had a camp in my own back yard and no annoying camp mates!

  11. These photos reminds me a lot of my nabo country Sweden, where you wil find a lot of lakes and wooden houses almost out in the lake. A few years ago I traveled around with my family in our summer holydays, that was nice. This year we are visiting Cyprus, but next year we actyally have plans to visit California. That will be be the first trip to the US for all four of us. Maybe I will come back for inside information, an must-see´s in SF.
    Yours Wally

  12. such a great and inspiring post…How much I would love to spend some summer-time by a lake…your post makes me dreaming…Have a lovely weekend! Sunny greetings from germany, geisslein

  13. Nothing I love more than being on a lake. I’m from south Louisiana…so at my camp, sweet tea (usually in the form of a highball) is had on a front porch swing, looking out over the lake, or looking back to the swamp. Fishing, crabbing, skiing, reading, napping, ceiling fans, and sticky air…this post makes me smell the lake air– so itching to get there!

  14. I have been dreaming about that kind of summer for a long time. We did it as kids and I have amazing memories.
    Have you ever been to Costanoa? It’s just north of Santa Cruz and if you stay in one of the canvas cabins it’s the just right mix of time in the great-outdoors and gorgeous amenities (like a sauna and heated floors in the bathrooms.) I’m going for a long weekend with 8 friends in July and I can’t wait!

  15. Come up to Canada some time and visit! We have the most beautiful lakes. There is nothing like getting up in the morning and diving into the crisp water. It really is amazing.

  16. These pictures are wonderful. I grew up a lake rat, spending weekends camping by our watering holes. So many of them bring back sweet memories. Even the thermos! Next month my husband and I (and our lab) are heading to Colorado for a week to do some camping, and posts like this make me that much more excited.

  17. I grew up outside of Seattle and spent my summers in lakes surrounded by evergreen trees. There is something about that experience that changes you. Any time I’m seeking solitude I crave the calming motion of a floating dock.

  18. Amazing post! My family has a lake cottage in Michigan … it’s rustic, refreshing, eclectic, beautiful and entirely peaceful. I too want to go for a month and escape … maybe write a book like Ernest Hemingway did on Walloon Lake.

  19. I so very much enjoyed this post. I wish I lived in a lake and could live this life everyday. Yes plz. Thank you for the mental trip. ❤

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