vintage finds for a modern world: cathrineholm.
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recently the lovely lisa congdon brought some grilled veggies to a dinner party i had here in a gorgeous cathrineholm bowl, i’m pretty surprised wasn’t stolen. either by me, or the other guests who were all coveting it. i just love, and apparently so does everyone else, the mid-century modern designs by the famous Norwegian designer Grete Korsmo Prytz-Kittelsen.

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As one of the leading artists of the Scandinavian Design movement, Kittelsen received several awards in the 1950s for her cathrineholm enamel collection, including the lotus pattern. they’re bright, they’re simple and really happy looking to serve party food in. you can find them on ebay, and occasionally on esty vintage as well.

i’ve been hunting down a few pieces of my own, including this yellow casserole (above), and tea kettle (below).

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  1. I absolutely adore Catherine Holm stuff, but don’t own any. I recently got a lovely white and black Kaj Frank bowl with wonderful mushrooms on it, but this stuff is next on my list!

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