guest post: tulips and flight suits.
by my illustrious guest blogger comment


today, mary from tulips and flight suits is taking y’all on a lovely little road trip and kicking off the guest posts. i love a good road trip! see you back here soon!

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welcome to your road trip. set off to go somewhere near or far, but be sure you take a new route. see an exit ahead, wonder where that road goes, and take it. promise each other you won’t look at a map/gps/iphone for at least an hour (you may go all day).

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take some photos so you won’t forget what it looked like when you turned that very bend or arrived where you were meant to be.

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try something brand new or something you haven’t tried in at least a decade. remember when you knew down to the second how long you could hold your breath underwater?

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make a road trip book with some loose goals (promise to be flexible). put in some facts about the places you’re going (did you know sumter, south carolina has the largest ginko farm in the world?). pay it forward and buy the person behind you in the drive-thru lane their lunch. record what the most ridiculous signs you’ve ever seen say. play the “or” game (penguins or otters? hardcover or paperback? peanut or cashew? boston or seattle? ice cream: cone or cup?).

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stop and look around a while. i once saw a road trip guide that said not to have “intense conversations.” i couldn’t disagree more. bring up the big questions. get insight from people you meet along the way.

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make sure you have really good snacks. might i suggest swedish fish, pretzels and twizzlers?

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make sure you have a really great road trip outfit. wear it for the first time on the trip and every time you wear it after, you will feel like you’re out on the open road.

6 responses to “guest post: tulips and flight suits.”

  1. I love little roadtrips in the Summertime. It wouldn’t be Summer without them :) We’ve gone on a couple this Summer, but our big one is next month and I can’t wait.

  2. Great to see you here Emma.
    I have a number of blogs that I check out each day for inspiration, this one and yours are just two of them.
    Have a great time this week over here, your first post? well you did a great job!!!
    Have fun!!!

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