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today we’ve got a little bit of fun, albeit morbid curiosity from alison of the awesome blog, teenangster.

I’m a morbid sort of lady. While working as a library page I spent countless hours in the serial killer and prison section of the stacks reading up on jailhouse tattoos, murderers, pathological liars, weirdos and other sordid types.

I’m not sure I can really explain the appeal of those who’ve broken society’s rules; it’s just fascinating to read their stories from the safe distance of a book that can be closed, rather than an accompanying cell. This collection of mug shots shows the character and emotions of pickpockets, petty criminals and horse wranglers of the Old West that stood accused. I can’t help but wonder what became of them.

All photos courtesy of Least Wanted on Flickr.

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  1. I love these! I was obsessed with Murders of the Black Museum, the Kray twins, and Jack the Ripper from the age of 9, so I get the morbid curiosity! There’s something wonderful about somebody so respectable-looking in a mugshot, such as the repeat offender in pearls.

  2. This photo’s are amazing!! And so many women…!
    I understand you spend hours watching them, they tell a different story then you see around you now!
    Just watched two seasons of Carnivale, they would fit right in:)

  3. This photos are wonderful! It is crazy to think that times where so different and the charges these people got for petty crime I am sure where huge. Nothing compared to what criminals get now.
    I love Agatha Christie novels and am in the middle of one right now so this fits right in :)

  4. These photos are amazing – there’s almost a story told just by the look on their faces. I know what you mean…something fascinating about reading from a safe distance!!

  5. These are so beautiful, the ones with the writing on them remind me of prayer cards or relics of saints, interesting how something can flip when you take it out of context.

  6. Eep, that lady prisoner (no 30296) reminds me of the witch in the wizard of Oz!!

    You shoul buy a copy of Found Magazine (number 5 or 6 maybe) – the “Crime” issue, it includes prisoners’ letter and found photos of them etc!

  7. These are amazing. Last year, while doing some family genealogy, I discovered a direct relative’s mugshot! Not only had the family covered up this dark past (so much so that no one knew about it), but also, they were missing out on some awesome photos! He had a great “screw you” wry smile on his face. Incredible.

  8. great! i love looking at old pictures and just letting your imagination take you some place. love the pictures beautiful yet eerie…

  9. Thanks so much for sharing these haunting images from the past – I agree they could have walked off the set of Carnivale! Great inspiration for a would-be writer wondering what the story behind the photograph is.

  10. Dear SF Girl,

    These photos have tapped right into something inside my head – they are exactly the kind of photos I am intrigued by. Interesting how often (I stress often – I don’t want to pigeon-hole all criminals) criminals these days look like criminals – does that make sense?! There aren’t many of these little lot who look like wrong’uns, especially not the old boy at the top!

    Just came across your website after seeing it on The Times 50 Best Design Blogs – congratulations on that! I was compelled to write to you, after reading this particular post and now, I shall keep visiting.

    Take care, Bella

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