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today, the ever-witty danielle from The Jealous Curator is bringing us the House That Jealousy Built.

I’ve been a huge fan of sfgirlbybay for ages, so I was absolutely thrilled when she asked me to be a guest blogger during her well-deserved staycation! The second she asked me I knew exactly what I wanted to write about… The House That Jealousy Built. It’s an idea that I’ve been thinking about for my blog, The Jealous Curator {I write about artists from all over the world whose work gives me a rush of uplifting inspiration, while slowly crushing my soul with jealousy}. Anywho, in my search for these artists, I’ve come across all sorts of things that I would love to have in my home… so many in fact, that I could probably decorate an entire house using only art that makes me jealous. See where I’m going with this? Yep, that’s right — The House That Jealousy Built ~ Room No. 1:

1) No, that’s not just an empty room with soft sunlight filtering in through the window. It’s an empty room with a painting, on the floor and wall, of soft sunlight filtering in through the window {Mary Temple} 2) Everyone should have a cable knit deer head mounted on their wall {Rachel Denny} 3) Alright, so you couldn’t put your coffee down on this end table, due to the obvious fact that it’s overflowing with beautiful ceramic animals, but it’s still a must-have for Room No.1 {Wendy Walgate} 4) Previously loved drawers, currently being loved by me {schubLaden, aka ‘drawers’ in German}.

5) Clearly, I’m going to need a chandelier dipped in industrial white rubber {Tobias Wong} 6) This is the biggest soul-crusher of the bunch. A forgotten thrift shop landscape converted into modern art by way of some very bizarre typography. Sigh. Love, love, love {Wayne White} 7) And why not, for the opposite wall, another typographic inspiration {Trey Speegle}.

8) Oh, the lovely gold couch. This isn’t exactly like the couch that Camilla Engman has in her studio in Sweden, but it’s pretty close. *) This, however, is exactly the same dog that sits on Camilla’s gold couch in Sweden — her dog, Morran. So much sweeter than a throw pillow, wouldn’t you say? 9) Ok, I don’t think I could bring myself to actually walk on this rug. It represents an entire flock of sheep. Each hexagon has been knit from the wool of one sheep in that flock, using a unique stitch for every piece. So amazing! {Christien Meindertsma}.

Phew, there we go. I’m totally jealous of everything in Room No.1! Now, onto the rest of the house — but maybe I’ll just take quick nap on that gold couch first. Shove over Morran.

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  1. Oh wow! Now I’m jealous too! That painted sunlight is very cool, and the altered art would look really good in my house I’m thinking.

  2. Wow. You put a lot of thought into your Jealous house. I am amazed by your selections. This is like a virtual scrapbook of all the stuff I want but don’t know what to do with. That knit dear head is sweet. Or sah-weet.

  3. ha! thanks everybody! and yes… there’s plenty of room for ANYONE that wants to move into the ‘house that jealousy built’… and stay tuned… i have more rooms filled with amazing things to make you jealous appearing here in the coming months ; )

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