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hello! it’s laura here from lolalina, and i am just pleased as punch that victoria has invited me over today.

with summer upon us i find myself daydreaming of lazy afternoons filled with simple pleasures: a frothy novel and a perfectly ripe peach under the shade of a tree, picnicking by a lake, listening to old records, making sun tea, sitting on the porch with friends until the wee hours. so today i’ve decided to share some of my favorite summer inspiration with a vintage twist – enjoy!

how lovely would it be to spend an entire day like this (image via chrissie white), sprawled on blankets until the sun fades? it’s the little things that matter most…cute vintage outfits, a few best girlfriends, and a cooler full of snacks.

clockwise from top left: 1. instant dreams print by lola’s room; 2. a gorgeous vintage postcard wall on poppytalk; 3. “le soleil brille toujours” by kari elaine; 4. recycled canvas carryall from forestbound; 5. vintage white smock dress from bohemiennes; 6. sunny summer driving by buttonmooon; 7. a sweet little shelf with jelly jar vase from old new again.

clockwise from top left: 1. zooey deschanel via zooey deschanel tumblr; 2. perfect little honey jar covers from cozy memories; 3. vinyl print by lola’s room; 4. vintage bait canteen from hello victory; 5. vintage handkerchiefs by jill thomas photography; 6. blue gingham clothespins from the papered crown.

thank you so much for spending a bit of your day with me! xoxo laura

7 responses to “guest post: lolalina.”

  1. Perfect images! Change out the the dresses in the first photo to swimsuits…and that pretty much sums up my teenage summers. Great memories. And thanks for the sun tea idea. That sounds so good, I may have to make some today.
    XO Piper

  2. Hi. Loved your post! The pictures are great. They’re so inspiring and I dream just by looking at them! Very (but not too much) vintage and girlish! Love it! Thanks

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