guest post: hula seventy.
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today, the always charming andrea from hula seventy somehow manages to makes laundry look fun, and quite beautiful!

burano |4

barbara piancastelli

hello dear readers of sfgirlbybay! my name is andrea and you can find me over at my blog hula seventy most days. today I’m going to tell you how to transform your backyard into a colorful italian neighborhood. hang laundry. it’s as simple as that. okay well, maybe not, but it can’t hurt. and it’s full of all kinds of win — it conserves energy, saves money and makes your clothes smell like sunshine. it may take a little extra time but it’s bound to put a smile on your face.

A blue clothe-line

didier morlot


wendy w

Hanging out the laundry


Pink Leopard in Little Italy

melissa ling



Drying laundry, Venice, Italy

robert crum

janellen 7

Big Family

jamal alayoubi

Hong Kong - Laundry Day

markus bahlmann

cassia beck

18 responses to “guest post: hula seventy.”

  1. I wish we could hang laundry here, but there are regulations on it where I currently reside because it is considered an ‘eyesore’ and it is a sign of ‘poor economic standing.’ Personally, I think it’s beautiful, and the environmental benefits should outweigh whatever shallow objections there are.

  2. just discovered your awe-inspiring blog!
    also i’m a fan if huluseventy. so it made me happy to see her guest post on your blog.
    thanks for the inspiration. :)

  3. Great post about the laundry! When I’m on a holiday I always have to shoot pics of laundry waving in the wind too, thought it was just silly me. But apparently more people love laundry. Ha! :)

  4. these photos are so gorgeous! i wish that’s how my place looked while i was doing laundry. instead everything is crammed onto one little drying rack completely swallowing my floor space in the bedroom. ha!

  5. Oh wow! I wonder how many of these pretty pictures Andrea could gather in Indonesia since most of us do this all the time and everywhere! Thanks much for sharing this, Victoria!

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