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one of my favorite bloggers, kirsten, from simply grove is sharing some simply sumptuous bedrooms with you today!

Hey all of you amazing sfgirlbybay readers.  You must have extremely great taste because you read this delightfully wonderful  and amazing blog!  I hope that I can cure some of your interior hunger pains today.

via the 10 Cent Designer.

My all time favorite space to decorate has to be the bedroom.  With all of the headboard ideas, dresser designs and soothing wall colors, bedroom design is endless.  A bedroom does not need to become a person’s personal storage room.  Sometimes we put our bedroom last on the priority list to design and complete but I think it should be the opposite.

via holley & gill.

Because we spend so much time sleeping, getting ready or just resting with a good book, we should be doing all of it in a environment that is aesthetically pleasing and calming for us.  How can I relax when there is a chair with a mile high pile of dirty clothes?  What makes me want to wind down from a long day looking at a storage bin full of random stuff?

via victoria’s design group.

Our bedrooms should be a reflection of our style and who we are.  They should be clean, cozy and beautiful.  Not dirty, cold and ugly.  Are you tired of my lecture yet??  AND you dont need to spend alot or go extreme with your design.  The images shown here prove that a modern, clean, stylish space is just what the doctor may order for the perfect bedroom.  (Do you notice a common theme in all of these images??  The first to guess correctly will receive a….long distance pat on the back!!!)

via living etc.

via skona hem.

via ooh food.

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  1. Thanks for showing such a great variety of bedrooms and I agree, it’s often the last room we decorate and it’s one we spend at least a third of our time in. Every night when we drop off to sleep and every morning when we rise to greet the day it’s from our bed:-)

  2. My bedroom – window treatments for the way I want the room to be in the future…otherwise undecorated with the previous owners color choice…always looking for ideas and I see that gorgeous brick wall in the room you posted & think “THAT!” forgetting for a moment that there isn’t a wall like that in my entire neighborhood! Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration!

  3. Beautiful collection. I love that picture of Skona Home. I need a bed skirt, but think the standard ones look so frumpy. This tapestry-like skirt is wonderful! Off to figure out how to replicate it….

    Have a lovely day!

  4. Oh.Dear.Santa! My heart skipped a beat when I saw that first picture… officially my inspiration for my tiny little bedroom now… *sigh*

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