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the lovely and very talented photographer Susannah conway and the unravelling e-courses, is bringing you ‘Polaroids from Bath’.

Hey everybody! So happy to be in Victoria’s space while she’s enjoying a well-deserved holiday, and oh my, it’s so tempting to run amok on her blog while she’s not looking!

I thought about sharing Polaroids from my recent trip to San Francisco to give you my Brit Girl view of the city, but instead I’ve decided to give you a peek into my world as I spend my last few weeks in Bath before relocating back to London.

According to Wikipedia, Bath was granted city status by Royal Charter in 1590; in reality it’s the size of a small town, and was first established as a spa resort by the Romans in AD 43. Walking through the streets today you’re confronted with history every which way you turn, from the impressive Georgian architecture of the Crescent to the Gothic splendor of Bath Abbey; more recent additions like Jamie’s ItalianThe Makery and the new Thermae spa help to ensure the city has the right mix of new and old, leisure and culture. So while I pack my cameras ready for a new adventure in the capital, here’s a few of my favourite Bath spots. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks so much for your photos of Bath; I haven’t been there since the 80s so I know I’d hardly recognize it, but you brought back fond memories of cream teas at The Pump House! It would be fun to see your SF polaroids too as that’s where I live now:-)

  2. I lived in Bristol right next door to Bath for a year, and I always loved taking the train into this adorable city. It’s really one of the best places on earth. If you have a chance, go during the holidays for the Christmas market!

    What sort of camera did you take these photos with? They are stunning!

  3. Really love these stunning photos! It makes me want to go to England, right now! :)

    Thank you for sharing, and I am also curious what kind of camera you took these with…

    Love from Amsterdam!

  4. Thanks so much for this post! I’m starting university in Bath in September and this post made me even more excited! I so can’t wait :) xx

  5. This makes want to wander around eating pastries and drinking coffee while shopping. I feel like I had a vacation in my mind while reading your post! Have a lovely day, Alice

  6. Greetings, cheers, and aloha from a Hawaii expat living part-time in London!

    Thank you for the lovely pix and post – it’s special to get that world-dweller’s view :-)

  7. mmmm love this! I traveled all over Europe 2 years ago and my favorite city in the whole world is Bath! It was just an indescribable feeling while I was there. Hopefully these photos will tide me over until I can visit again!

  8. thanks susannah for this lovely bath post! and good luck in london! i look forward to what you come up with. i bought a “late model” polaroid and packet of film about 5 years ago. my husband laughed and laughed at me. i haven’t used it yet because the film is just so precious – i’m afraid to use it! also kept it in the heat and humidity of hawaii for 3 years so who knows what state its in. your site will inspire me to try it out now though!

  9. wow! these pictures are so inspiring…they make me want to take a trip, get outside, explore my city, write a poem, and get creative with my camera…all at once! thanks for the post, xo, Megan.

  10. Funny how we always want to be we are not! I was in Bath early 90s and loooooved it. Amazed you’re leaving it, but then I’d love to live in London too!

  11. you might think i am crazy, but i was just visiting england and i have seen that darling car (it’s a figaro) parked in front of vinegar hill!

    my boyfriend’s dad is from wiltshire county, UK and says this is the only one he has ever seen! what a crazy coincidence.

  12. i spent less than a day in bath when i was in high school, and i don’t remember much of it except that i really, really loved it there. i’ve always wanted to go back.

  13. Susannah
    Bath is one of my favorite places and your photos have captured it beautifully. It must be a bittersweet time as you leave this safe harbor for the adventure of London.
    Wendy-Mrs T Potts

  14. Oh I have just moved to the area and I am working in Bath, I haven’t had much time to explore yet but I do love the atmosphere! I love that so many others feel the same way.

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