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Hi There! We’re Daniel and Valeria from Hindsvik Shop!

Running a business in vintage home decor and furniture online, we spend a lot of time on curating and because of that are always looking for new solutions for our own home. It’s fun and affordable using vintage storage solutions because you can both organize your home and display your items in style. Here’s some ideas from us on mastering the art of vintage organizing and display in your home!

This large woven basket is perfect for holding our Canadian Railway and vintage wool blankets. Not only does it look nice, it adds a warm touch to our modern styled living space. It has leather handles which would also make it great for a laundry or bathroom storage!

Canadian Maple Syrup buckets or any metal pails or tins are so versatile! We have them here as planters, but I’m also using one for a waste bin in my office and throughout the house. Love the various worn metal patinas.

You can’t go wrong with drawer storage. Whether it’s in the office or studio, these things are so helpful and a good solution in just about any room!

Wire items such as this vintage pot lid holder make creative displays for your collectibles.

Photo storage doesn’t have to be a plastic frame. Look around your home or shop online. You never know what looks great until you try!

My favorite storage piece in our home is this vintage Amsterdam box we recently acquired. Originally used to ship California raisins, it now doubles as a magazine storage box. I love looking at it!

Hope you’re inspired by our vintage storage solutions! If you can think of any other vintage storage solution, please share it with us here! We’d love to hear what you think!

Daniel + Valeria

8 responses to “guest post: hindsvik.”

  1. WOW! Love your blog, love your post here! That basket in the first photo is great for baskets, and I love the magazine box as well. Great post.

  2. Love your pics and ideas! I adore the metal buckets. My storage tip is that I use vintage wooden cheese boxes to house some of my favorite CD’s on top of my desk. They don’t take up much room, hold quite a few CD’s and look great.

  3. Thank you so much for this post! As a new home decor seller on Etsy, I’m constantly searching for ways to store my items. These tips were all so helpful! I use my syrup buckets for umbrellas and plants and wooden drawers for everything that I can’t find a home for! Thanks for sharing Hindsvik! I love your shop! :)

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