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the always infectiously fun erin, from design for mankind, is taking you on a great little adventure today.

So. Vic is on vacation, and I’m immensely jealous. Rather than let her have all of the fun, I’ve decided to embark on a little playful adventure on my own. And what better way to sing a playful tune than with the help of my favorite childhood toys?:

1. For lazy days and summer nights, a swing that grows plants. Brilliant meets beautiful. ($477 at Made In Design)
2. A token to remember the evenings where my dreams soared higher than my neighbor’s toy airplane. ($9 at SproutHome)
3. Toy boat, toy boat, toy boat. Oh, the joy of a good tongue twister. ($30 at Plastiki)
4. Splashing in mud puddles with a hat built from a newspaper. Is there anything more blissful? ($41 at Tretorn)
5. An innocent game of hopscotch is the perfect ice-breaker for secret clubs and behind-the-barn kisses. ($200 at CB2)
6. Music boxes, wind-up toys and the scent of new wood. Childhood memories make me dizzy, indeed. ($90 at Nova68)

What about you? What were your favorite childhood memories/toys/dreams? And how will you bring them back?

Love to each of you,

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