friday food files with molly watson: Red cocktails – find your own white and blue.
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My posting over on The Dinner Files this week might make it look like things aren’t going so well. Like people should be concerned about me. It’s not true! I’m fine! A few rough days and a few cocktails, but nothing to worry about, I promise. I was even well enough to bother creating a few cocktails, so that’s a good sign. Creative energy, follow-through on ideas, and all that.

I found myself putting muddled cherries in drinks where I had never had them before – a gin and tonic and a margarita. Straining the result over ice and being very happy indeed. I have to say I highly recommend the practice – you get a bit of the fruit flavor without the pulp or bulk or too much of the sweet, so the drink stays nicely balanced while still being fruity and refreshing. May they add red to your holiday weekend.

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  1. we had a ‘Gone With the Wind’ viewing party not long ago and my friend found a cocktail called the ‘Scarlett O’Hara’…I can’t remember exactly what was in it…definitely cranberry and brandy, maybe something pomegranatey, plus maraschino cherry. Whatever was in it, it was red, tart, and perfect!

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