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My name is Julie and I’m the designer behind Cartoules Letterpress, a small design and letterpress atelier in Long Beach, California, and writer of a blog by the same name. I’m a huge fan of SFGirlByBay and am thrilled to be writing this guest post for you all.

During the last weekend of June I had the opportunity to attend Dwell Magazine’s Dwell on Design expo, the “largest design convention on the West Coast,” and well – yes it was. As modern design junkie myself, attending this event was a special treat as I drooled over what some of the most clever producers of modern design brought to the public. Today my mission is to take you through my encounters with some of my favorites.

via Cartoules Letterpress.

Dwell’s commitment not only to fabulous modern design, but also sustainable living was prevalent throughout the showroom floor. A cozy 400 square foot home, created by Reclaimed Space and outfitted by Ecofabulous, was on display as a fitting entrance to the Dwell Outdoor pavilion. Made of reclaimed galvanized metal and long-leaf pine remnants from an 1830’s German farmstead home in Texas, this diminutive domicile was a popular exhibit – and for sale to the highest bidder on eBay with proceeds benefiting Global Green.

via Ecofabulous.

Many of the exhibitors shared with us their newest and most innovative products. Pushing the envelope in product design, these brands showed both creative and sustainable design with practicality in the same pretty package. Wallter outdoor planters are brightly colored outdoor decor driven into the ground and elevate your small plants. Woolly Pockets living walls and vertical gardens allow those in tiny dwellings to grow lush gardens anywhere – and they’re made of recycled plastic bottles. The Dyson Air Multiplier was one of my favorites – for the simple fact that traditional fans with blades disgust me, and cleaning them is almost impossible. These bad boys draw in air and amplify it from 15 to 18 times – perfect for a Southern Californian summer.

via Cartoules Letterpress.

The Modern Family section was a dedicated space on the Dwell on Design showroom floor where budding modernists and their families could play and explore. As a child I loved to play “house” (who didn’t?), so I was giddy with delight when I saw these lovelies. Brinca Dada dollhouses are perfect for that mini Frank Lloyd Wright, and they’re even outfitted with solar panels. The IdeaPaint play house solves the problem of kids writing on the walls, now you can tell them they can draw on their own house, and wipe it clean later. Pivot Nursery Furniture is the most elegant children’s furniture I’ve ever seen. I’d love it for myself – magnified about 4 times, of course.

via Cartoules Letterpress.

I love texture and am a huge fan of repetitive geometric patterns in both my bathroom and also on my paper. I immediately thought these were the perfect inspiration for some invitation designs, don’t you think?

Left to Right: Dwell Patterns by Heath CeramicsPorcelanosaOgassian, via Cartoules Letterpress.

As I wandered the showroom floor, there were a few bits of art and accessories I had my eye on. I was even able to walk away with some sweet Unison 100% hand-printed cotton pillows for my guest bedroom through Dwell’s cash and carry program. Charley Harper Art Studio had some beautiful original and reproduced illustrations from the famous mid-century modern artist. Modern Mural is a creative shop that allows you to choose the combination of layouts, sizes, mediums and artwork from artists across the planet.

Left to Right: UnisonModern MuralCharley Harper Art Studio, via Cartoules Letterpress.

The definite highlight of the weekend though was getting to tour the Westside and Eastside homes. These two, self-driven tours provided the public with a peek inside some of Los Angeles’ most spectacular modern residences. The Westside tour guided us from West Hollywood to Venice Beach; up through the hills and down to the ocean.

Beitcher Residence , via Tara Wujcik.

Reilly-Biddle Residence, via Tara Wujcik.

The Eastside tour substituted the ocean-breeze for leafy streets, through canyons, and all the way up to that famous Hollywood sign.

Deronda Residence, via Cartoules Letterpress.

Los Feliz Residence, via Cartoules Letterpress.

Kameon-Otsea Residence, via Cartoules Letterpress.

After a long day of meandering the exhibition floor and discovering beautiful dwellings of Los Angeles, it was time to head over to Downtown Los Angeles’ historic core where design oriented social group, deLab, hosted its annual fundraiser, and official Dwell on Design after party, called City Listening. It was an evening of Los Angeles’ design writers who read their work on art, architecture, and design in the city – and a perfect way to end a great weekend.

via Monica Orozco.

And here’s where my tour ends. I sincerely thank all of you for reading along! I had a fantastic time attending Dwell on Design, and hope you enjoyed this mini round-up.

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  1. Wish I could have been there – but thanks for capturing the essence of it, Julie! I especially loved the photos from the ‘Los Feliz’ residence!

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