vintage finds for a modern world: bicycle style.
by victoria comment


i’ve really been wanting a new bicycle since my move to noe valley. the old 3-speed motobecane i have just doesn’t quite cut it on these hills. so i’ve been looking around. a lot. for a vintage-looking bike, but a practical and functional one, as well. and on the first day of my vacation i ended up buying a new one! i had actually just gone out for a walk, over to the mission district, and ended up riding home on a brand new raleigh roadster i got after dropping in at valencia cyclery.

valencia cyclery were super nice to work with (thanks, s.b.!) and i test drove a few. but the raleigh felt right, and so home i rode her (along with the fresh squid, dulce de lece, chiles, and everything else i picked up strolling around the mission that day!). here’s a peak at ‘sophie’ my new bike (above shots), and a whole bunch of other bikes i’d been thinking about, along with some great bicycling accessories.

{from me to you}

beatrice holiday upholstered seat cover; public’s donghia striped messenger bag; kate spade covered & lined basket; the carrie front basket from design house stockholm.

the very colorful plato dutch bike.

the pristine pashley princess sovereign.

the pashley basket.

the swedish designed note bike.

nut case bike helmet (i had to have this one!); public’s knee socks; camper red Peu Rambla sneakers; and the beautiful brooks engraved bike saddle.

beatrice holiday upholstered seat covers, and handlebar bags (which also convert to shoulder bags).

the new public bike.

tretorn’s comfy riding sneakers.

swedish skeppshult bikes.

the hi-tech bent basket.

denver covered basket; a classic nantucket basket; cute gypsy wicker basket; and the Peterboro Basket.

the gary fisher simple city 8.

28 responses to “vintage finds for a modern world: bicycle style.”

  1. congrats, it is a beauty! I know how the search goes, one can look forever or finally just make the plunge. I will link to this post because scads of folks would love it. thanks!

  2. I love this post! Just today my mom and I were discussing bikes to get my boyfriend for Christmas. He will probably want something sportier, but these bikes definitely make me want a new one of my own!!

  3. Love this post too! It made my heart flutter. I wanted a beautiful new bike. Got one not so heavy in the end – and a baby seat on the back! Had to have a basket though. So much fun!

  4. I would LOVE an awesome vintage-y bike like one of these, but they are so expensive. I’m just going to have to troll Craigslist to find a bike for myself! :/

  5. Valencia Cyclery is the best–lovely people who support the very worthy non-profit organization I work for, every year!

  6. I have been wanting a vintage bike for what seems like an eternity. There is something so warm and homey about them. Inviting. It makes me think of picnics, lemonade, pretty summer dresses. These bikes you posted are wonderful.

  7. I’m jealous:) What a gorgeous looking bike. Here in Australia there doesn’t seem to be the variety of vintage bikes available (unless any of your Aussie readers can steer me in the right direction). BTW Love your blog!

  8. beautiful bike, beautiful blog, beautiful girl!! i’m refurbishing an old 1974 Schwinn Collegiate… it will be my very first bike ever since i was about 8, and i’m very excited about it! stumbled upon your blog while browsing for ideas – you have an inspiring eye for design and photography, ideas are flowing now, thank you for posting this!
    ~Marisa, Marisa Q Headshot Photographer

  9. Hi I just moved to SF from NC… I love the vintager style of your bike and am looking into buying one myself. Very happy about your bike shop recommendation. My roommates are heavy duty cyclists so I need your casual point of view- do you think your 8 speed is enough for touring around the city (and trying to avoid hills!)?

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