maison de plaisance.
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i received an email from karine, partner in one of my favorite online shops, bodie and fou, sharing some wondering images of her family’s holiday home in France. it was recently¬†featured in a few design magazines and since we all share the same aesthetic for beautiful things, she allowed me to share a few more of some extremely beautiful photos shot by Michael Paul for The Telegraph magazine, and Christopher Tubbs for Grand Designs magazine.

Karine and Elodie, french Sisters and founders of BODIE and FOU have the kind of accessible, but oh so casually chic aesthetic i think we all strive for, but seems to come effortlessly for the two. i could move into this home in like two seconds, should i be invited! and one of the the best ways to appreciate the BODIE and FOU look is to see more of Karine’s family holiday home in France.

Karine loved the idea of a home ‘having enough space for friends and family to hang out together’ and one summer while visiting her parents’ home in Cazaux on the south-western Atlantic coast, in a very spur of the moment decision, she and her partner Steve bought a seventies ‘maison de plaisance’ (literally a ‘pleasure house’ now used to mean a holiday villa) and set about thinking ‘how we could bring together our tastes to create a welcoming, child-friendly home.’

karine designed the home so that ‘everybody, friends and family, could feel free to do whatever they wanted’, so the couple knocked out the wall between the kitchen and dining room, creating a living space big enough for a dozen people. the result is a relaxed, cozy and enchanting home i think would be the envy of any family. for more styling tips and beautiful home decor furnishings and accessories, check out the bodie and fou blog, as well as their online shop.

* photos courtesy of Michael Paul for The Telegraph magazine; and Christopher Tubbs for Grand Designs magazine.

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  1. Wow! It’s so lovely and inspiring! I’d love to stay there. And – I’d love to adapt a few things to make my own home look so inviting. Beautiful!

  2. she is one lucky duck! i love the wallpaper with the turquoise background and white splatter stripes! what a great house!


  3. Hello, thank you so much for this lovely beautiful post. I’ve mentioned you in my latest post because it’s such a coincidence that I was writing about my dream to have a holiday in the French countryside :)
    thanks again!

  4. ughhh I LOVE those flooooors! the wide wood planks…and I admire people who can paint an entire wall, or even an entire room, black and still pull off that refreshing crisp look. beautiful home. thanks for sharing!!

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