love = a mixed tape.
by victoria comment


did you ever use to make mixed tapes for someone when you found yourself falling in love? i made them many times for the loves in my life. now i burn cd’s or make itunes sets, but there was nothing like sharing your feelings through the mixed tape. i loved writing out the set list in my own handwriting, and including scrawled little love notes and drawings to my boyfriends, each song bringing back a special memory, or evoking something personal just between us.

i saw these zippered and velcro pouches for stashing your ipod in the likeness of mixed Cassette tapes and just instantly flashed back to the many old school recordings i’d made over the years. love these from etsy shop Brave Moonman. For more styles and Brave Moonman’s other pouch creations, check out the shop and transform your ipod into a blast from a mixed tape past.

18 responses to “love = a mixed tape.”

  1. OMG yes – used to make mixed tapes all the time!!! my husband and i still have ones that we made for each other over the years…we’ve been meaning to put them on itunes so we can actually listen to them :)

  2. Ah the days of mixed tapes! I still like to give friends cds of mixes I’ve put together for them with fun artwork on the jewel case. Thanks for the book link from Sara – just ordered it.

  3. so cute! i never made mix tapes but made plenty of mix cds. i still have those songs that i hear and suddenly think of a certain moment, or period in time.

  4. Oh, those are so cute! My best friend and I have cassette players in our cars so we still make mix tapes!

    (Just found this post through art pixie)

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