sunday in the city.
by victoria comment


this weekend i went for a long, leisurely walk, exploring my new neighborhood and up over the hills to the mission. it’s such a colorful and picturesque stroll, i of course could not help but snap lots of pics. here’s a glimpse at the walk from noe valley to valencia street in san francisco’s wonderful mission district. i hope you had a colorful, inspiring weekend, too!

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  1. These shots are increadible! What do you shoot with? I currently use a Canon Rebel XTi but I’m looking to upgrade (plus some new lenses wouldn’t hurt!) Also I love your blog! San Francisco is my favorite place in the world haha, and I think you really stay true to it.


  2. Wow! You really captured the colors and vistas of that walk. I live on the Noe/Mission border and are amazed by the sights and sounds on a daily basis. Your camera really did it’s job! I can’t believe these gorgeous photos! It makes me want to go outside and see it all again :)

  3. i love san fran so much! that’s where my hubby and i fell in love! it will ALWAY be so dear to my heart. we’ve even toyed with the idea of moving there but it might only always be a dream. great photos!!!

  4. The photos are fabulous. I love the vintage tables and chairs and that one of the mailboxes. San Francisco is so great when the sky is that blue! I had friends out a couple weekends ago and we stayed in Cole Valley and the weather was (unexpectedly) gorgeous the entire weekend!

  5. I loved every one of your pictures! Gorgeous colors. And there’s just something wonderful about retro chairs, worn or not.

  6. Terrific pictures! What a wonderful colorful neighborhood to live in.
    From the looks of these photo’s there will be many discoveries +
    nuances to capture with every walk.

  7. I love Sunday in the City posts. Today even more than usual because I am looking forward to spending the day there tomorrow. I think the weather is going to be perfect for a day at Golden Gate park.

  8. Great photos, everything is so colorful! I love to see the regional differences in the places that we all live. We don’t have many colorful shops, homes, or signs. I guess because I live in the middle of Oklahoma :) But we have lots of beautiful lakes, flowers, creatures and sunsets to photograph.

  9. thanks so much y’all! you are very kind! i’m glad this gives you a nostalgic peek at our wonderful san francisco!

    i’m currently using a Nikon D80, and these were shot with a 50mm lens.

    thanks again!! :)

  10. wow! I’ve missed how colorful SF is. I definitely want to go back soon and capture it again. I especially love the old lettering on the signs. have a lovely week victoria :)

  11. wow. these are some of the best pictures I’ve seen lately. Each one of them is perfect at their own, and as an ensemble they are just breath taking.


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