tuesday’s girl: hat check.
by victoria comment



i love a good hat, and i wear hats and caps quite often. not as often as i’d like, because sometimes i get self-conscious and feel like a hat draws too much attention. but i want to wear hats, i long to wear them a whole lot more. there’s nothing like a great hat to make you feel a little bit more sassy, but at the same time a little bit incognito. perhaps it’s like taking on the role of an actor — you’re still you, but just taking on a new personality for the day. this tuesday’s girl is all about my love for le chapeau.

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8 responses to “tuesday’s girl: hat check.”

  1. i feel the same way about hats… draws too much attention and like i’m trying too hard… but when i see another girl wearing a cute hat i always admire her.. i think it’s time to wear hats more! i mean come on- there are so many cute ones out there as your blog shows… i like hats especially for winter!

  2. I also feel a bit self concious wearing them but I’ve decided that no more self conciousness :-). I’ve been wearing a hat a lot this summer and when I go home (I’m from Spain but live in NY), I’m off to buy a panama’s hat as well as a winter’s men hat plus anything else I find :-). I think hats are cute and we look great in them!

  3. I have my grandfather’s tweed trilby which I love to wear in winter, but sometimes feel a bit shy, as you have described. (Brisbane, Australia is not a place where people tend to ‘dress’ up.) Ah the hat dilemma!

  4. Oh *love*.
    I am all about hats at the moment. Thing is … I don’t even own one! At the beginning of the year I was browsing a course guide and saw one for Millinery, that stopped me in my tracks. Didn’t sign up, but still thinking about it for next year …

  5. i’m never sure if i’m a hat person…i think i look silly. i guess i haven’t found a hat style that i looove yet…someday i’m going to get one made for me though…even if it ends up just on display :) (have you been to Paul’s Hat Works? girls making hats by hand the old fashioned way..awesome!)

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