i spy: the deep blue sea.
by victoria comment



you may have felt a bit of an absence from a familiar and much beloved face around here lately. the talented mrs. french of bliss, who’s posted her blissful inspirations regularly on thursdays for some time now is taking a much deserved maternity leave to rest up and await the arrival of her baby girl.

solid frog.

so to fill the void, i thought i’d play a little ‘i spy‘. i loved that game as a kid, initiated by my parents to occupy my brother and i, bored out of our skulls, as we cruised cross country on our family vacations. ‘i spy with my little eye, something that is — red, green, yellow etc.’. one person secretly choose an object that they can ‘spy with their little eye’ and the others take turns to guess the name of the object. i’m going to take the game to a new level, and ‘spy‘ a new color theme each week. this week, i spy the tumultuous blue-green shades of the deep blue sea.

this is glamorous.




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solid frog.


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  1. The photo of the woman lying on the beach in a winter coat reminds me of the perfect attire to wear on a beach in my home, Newfoundland. I got such a chuckle out of it, I shared on my blog too (with a link back to you of course).


    SF is beautiful. My husband and I just returned from there for our honeymoon and I found your blog beforehand as a resource to help plan our trip. Thank you!

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