utterly urban.
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i got a little head’s up from urban outfitters on what’s new, so i thought i’d pass along to you a preview of what’s to come for their new home collection this fall. urban outfitters continues to be a stylishly affordable resource when you’re shopping for that first apartment, or simply looking to save on some of the latest trends in home decor. and, they are also currently offering free shipping on many furniture styles (within the US) until the 19th of july. no heavy lifting required!

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  1. I buy a ton of apartment stuff from Urban Outfitters.. I’ve been wanting to get that rocker for a while now but still haven’t been able to work it into my budget – which is too bad cause I’m missing the free shipping on it! Argh!

  2. i’ve been really smitten with their furniture lately. i’m sure a coat of varnish, and some wood glue when assembling, would make them hold up a good amount of time. now i just need to move again so i can purge all this furniture and start new!

  3. I dig the new pieces, too. I’ve head some bad things about the stability of their couches but the design and color schemes are spot on. I would get the rocket. and I’ve been wanting some of those round pin-tucked pillow for a while- they have them in more colors, now too… Also dig the old headboards. I’d have one by now if the head of my bed wasn’t 1/2 below a window. lol.

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